July 25, 2021

Amnesty Scheme In Pakistan For Non Filers [2022]

Amnesty scheme in Pakistan

By the term amnesty we meant to grant an official pardon to the people who had been sentenced of political offences. Amnesty scheme is provided by the government to give relief to the people who are non-filers and to encourage them to come forward.

In the government of Imran Khan, a relief was given to the construction companies in April 2019. The administration wanted to give relief to the people who wanted to invest their money which are untaxed into construction projects. This creates employment and opportunities for thousands of people. Due to this policy many construction sector got running and hence helped the economy to rise. As the amnesty scheme was a huge success so the construction companies demanded an extension. The government saw the success rate and granted an extension. The facility of non-disclosure of sources of income has been extended till June 2021 and the amnesty scheme till Dec 2021. The fix tax regime which was introduced earlier in 2021 is now extended till the end of the year. Imran Khan said “projects worth Rs186 billion have been registered with the FBR (Federal Board of Revenue) under the incentives we had given for construction in April.  The projects that are in the process of registration are amount to Rs116bn”

This project is however a chance to increase the economy of Pakistan. Poor people or middle class people are given a possibility to construct their own houses even in this time period. Banks will allocate billions of rupees for this purpose. The interest rates have been lowered and for the first 100,000 houses, 300,000 rupees will be given per house by the government.  This policy is only valid till Dec 2021, so the premiere has advised people to avail the opportunity as it won’t last forever.

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