August 13, 2021

ARY Laguna DHA City Karachi & ARY Laguna Gujranwala


  • 1 Confirm Ballot forms available
  • 2 ARY Laguna Payment Plan and Price + Size
    • 2.1 ARY Laguna price list
  • 3 ARY Laguna Installment Plan
  • 4 ARY Laguna Forms Adjustment Policy
  • 5 ARY Laguna Down payments of apartments and penthouse
  • 6 Online form Price
  • 7 ARY Laguna Balloting Date
  • 8 ARY Laguna Balloting date of Phase 2
  • 9 Last date for online form submission
  • 10 Last date of ARY Laguna form Verification

Ary Laguna information and “process” to apply

With ARY Laguna DHA city currently, Karachi, the entire house of ARY together with DHA major city continue to deliver the very first man-made artificial beach site comfortable living. ARY and DHA main city are very well popularly known for all the outstanding accomplishments to Pakistan’s rapid development in infrastructure leading towards better housing societies, promoting luxurious lifestyle and have had so combined to create respective capability to enhance a beachfront entire community like never happened previously in the place or entire region. Project is currently trying to discover innovative technological opportunities to incorporate ARY Laguna nearer to the community as cornerstone of all their other main goal to actually deliver cutting-edge advanced technologies and completely reinvent twenty – first century urban environment. To simply enjoy a 3D preview of prospective individual customers’ long term future luxury apartments all without deciding to move their places with just a click of a button. Ary’s lagoon is world-class. Laguna, DHA, as well as Crystal Lagoons focus on providing reasonably priced luxury of choice living and working in the city center with complete access to world-class modern conveniences and upcoming revenues, in which people might very well actually imagine a clean and comfortable long term future with the families and completely transform any special place into such an ideal beachfront destination.

Process to apply for membership /Application form

  1. A contractor must complete a Membership/Application specific form in order to gain a registration form also for ARY Laguna Beach – DHA city area Karachi construction project, which is headquartered in DHA City Karachi. Before completing the Application, the Candidate must have had the actual Form officially confirmed by the Development Company.
  2. The particular form is not really a new project registration legal form. The registration document(s) will also be delivered afterwards, as once legal registration proper procedure has finally begun. Just the possessor of both the officially authenticated original Membership/Application specific form will also be provided a registration form in reference to certain Membership/Application legal document.
  3. The Membership/Application Forms must therefore be generally viewed as a demonstration of interests of consumers, as well as the simple completion of this specific form through an Applicants will never convey any full right anywhere in the major project save as specified for that in this standard form.
  4. The Application must be completed including a total charge of PKR 16,500, as indicated by the Development Company. The Service charge may well be payable through prepaid cards, pay-order/bank draft order issued on a business bank account authorized by the Development company originally titled ‘ARY Laguna Private Limited’ currently held with just an acknowledged financial institution, or thrown straight further into aforementioned business bank account. Potential participants undertaking online purchases should include a printed copy of the transfer slip/challan and any other financial legal documentation authorized as well as formally recognized by the Development Company even from the financial institution. Successful applicants who are using a bank card or debit card may well be legally liable to service charges.
  5. As stated under Section 2 earlier in this thread, however once all Candidate(s) successfully delivered a comprehensive registration form, the original developer will conduct the vote counting procedure for selecting the qualified Candidates for the intended purposes of purchasing a property even in the construction project.
  6. If any Appellant is ultimately failed in the scheduling voter registration procedure performed, such Respondent will indeed be legally allowed, particular subject to a standard removal of PKR 6,500/- only from the Service charge, to give the money back of PKR 10,000/- from either the Service charge in the acceptable way. The relevant standard reduction would be required to determine fees and charges and administrative expenses. Nevertheless, the number of applicants can then decide to keep the Registration, although in this circumstance the Applicants would have a strong preference in fully engaging throughout reservation in project milestones including its Development Company.
  7. Additional information including requirements and circumstances concerning size and shape, availability and pricing, as well as other information necessary for booking in advance a property throughout the construction project will just be fully disclosed at the appropriate moment after that the Development company formally gets up and running the Projects for reservation.
  8. None Applicants shall be obliged to just about any mark-up or real interest on the Service charge compensation charged per person.
  9. The Applicants would not be capable of transferring or distribute the particular form to some other person actually unless the group of developers gives the people explicit authorization.
  10. The Development Company might very well ask for supplementary supporting information from either the Appellant for the general purposes of such a particular form or in the coming future, as taken into consideration vitally important by the Development Company.
  11. In the event of disputes between both the Development Company as well as an Applicants, the property disagreement will also be repeatedly referred to the Developer’s Management Board, the conclusion in this instance of which would be permanent and obligatory on the Appellant.
  12. The Development company retains the authority to suspend or terminate each and every Application or invalidate any other previously issued Application if it is eventually discovered that such a number of applicants actually provided any inaccurate facts within it and supplementary towards this particular form, or for whatever logical reason considered acceptable or essential in the current conditions.

Application for Formal Modification

A proposal to eventually make the most return in the future mostly with least probably level of capital expenditure currently mostly on contributing through down-payment or even by only submitting legal forms. For any further relevant information on ARY Laguna, follow the steps suggested below as well.

Formal Improvement Strategy and plan of action

  • So each officially confirmed Registration / full membership particular document recently acquired for PKR 16,500 will also be valued PKR 50,000.
  • Also only different documents that have already been successfully finalized and acknowledged will also be greatly valued PKR 50,000.
  • The PKR 50,000 will also be actually applied exclusively to the instalment payments.
  • The largest amount of authenticated new application / full membership legal documents which can be compensated to account for merely a convenient a monthly instalment final payment of a Person’s Component, the value of which would be revealed at a later point in time.
  • The payments strategy in monthly installments will indeed be presented at quite a subsequent time.
  • After that the authentication process is completed, all validated Applications / new membership Documents are easily transportable.
  • The reimbursement of the current membership / Registration Fees shall be managed in compliance with the Provision and work conditions of the full membership / Registration Form.
  • An applicant must try to adhere with all of the specific terms as well as restrictions set forth in this policy document, as well as every other requirements and circumstances set forward by the development company from moment to time on the given website


Book your apartment Now at ARY Laguna DHA City Karachi

ARY Laguna Payment Plan and Price + Size

1% Installment Per Month – 47 Installments (13th-59th Installments) 5% (2 Months from Booking) 10% Down Payment (After Successful Balloting) 6% (5 Months from Booking) 6% (8 Months from Booking) 6% (11 Months from Booking) 20% on Completion. ARY Laguna DHA Karachi is offering 1, 2, 3, 4 Bedroom Apartments and Pent Houses at a very affordable price on a 5-year installment payment plan. ARY Laguna Price list is:

ARY Laguna price list

ApartmentSize (Sq.Ft)Starting Price in PkrApplication Forms
One Bedroom510 Sq.ft4,800,00010 forms
Two Bedroom850 Sq.ft – 1025 Sq.ft7,200,000Type A – 10 Forms
Type B – 12 Forms
Three Bedroom1450 Sq.ft – 1750 Sq.ft12,000,000Type A – 15 Forms
Type B – 20 Forms
Duplex Four Bedroom2799 Sq.ft33,990,00040 Forms
Penthouses4459 Sq.ft55,000,000Penthouse 50 Forms

Book your apartment Now at ARY Laguna DHA City Karachi

ARY Laguna Installment Plan

  1. 5% (2 Months from Booking)
  2. 10% Down Payment (After Successful Balloting)
  3. 6% (5 Months from Booking)
  4. 6% (8 Months from Booking)
  5. 6% (11 Months from Booking)
  6. 1% Installment Per Month – 47 Installments (13-59 Installments)
  7. 20% on Completion

ARY Laguna Forms Adjustment Policy

ApartmentMaximum Verified
Application Forms
Maximum Discount
Achievable Through
Verified Application Forms
No. of Application
Forms Adjustable in
Down Payment
No. of Application
Forms Adjustable in Installment
One Bedroom10PKR 500,000Upto 5 FormsUpto 5 Forms
Two Bedroom Type A10PKR 500,000Upto 5 FormsUpto 5 Forms
Two Bedroom Type B12PKR 600,000Upto 6 FormsUpto 6 Forms
Three Bedroom Type A15PKR 750,000Upto 8 FormsUpto 8 Forms
Three Bedroom Type B20PKR 1,000,000Upto 10 FormsUpto 10 Forms
4 Bedroom40PKR 1,500,000Upto 15 FormsUpto 15 Forms
Duplex40PKR 2,000,000Upto 20 FormsUpto 20 Forms
Penhouse50PKR 2,500,000Upto 25 FormsUpto 25 Forms

ARY Laguna Down payments of apartments and penthouse

  1. 1 Bedroom apartment down payment of PKR 480,000
  2. 2 Bedroom apartment down payment of PKR 700,000
  3. 3 Bedroom apartment down payment of PKR 1,400,000
  4. The Duplex apartment down payment of PKR 3,600,000
  5. The Penthouse apartment down payment of PKR 5,500,000

Online form Price

  • Application form price is only 16,500 and 10,000 pkr is refundable. which will be refunded after 60-90 days of balloting date.
  • All Payments will be made to developers ESCROW Account or platinum agents account if you buy forms locally from agents.

ARY Laguna Balloting Date

Balloting date of ARY Laguna DHA City Karachi was Wednesday 9th June 2021, you’ll receive a message from ARY Laguna about balloting results or you can visit ARY Laguna Official website for balloting results.

ARY Laguna Balloting date of Phase 2

The ARY Laguna 2nd Balloting date was 26 july 2021, please keep visiting for balloting results of phase 3, as the balloting date of ary laguna phase 3 is announced we will update the date here.

Last date for online form submission

last date for online forms was 25 Nov 2020. Now forms are available at physical location of platinum agent’s office address.

Last date of ARY Laguna form Verification

ARY Laguna forms verification last date was 14th February 2021.

Summing up the findings

For the very first time probably in Pakistan, the two greatest recognized and greatest companies – ARY, including its long established policy documentation of consistently finds the right throughout every commercial channel, as well as DHA, a brand connected with highly secure and elegant living are introducing a man-made lagoons in which twenty – first century urban areas life will indeed be revolutionized. The truly magnificent as well as attractive man-made beautiful tropical heaven on earth will also be located near in Sector 1 of DHA city center, Karachi, and would be supplied by that of the world-renowned Crystal Lagoons revolutionary movement and proprietary products. ARY Laguna DHA City, a smart investment strategy in the family’s safety, offers several types facilities and equipment with a beautiful view of Clear Ocean, white sandy beaches, and high-end buildings in which the new house will indeed be developed. The Development firm maintains the ability to challenge or discontinue everything and every Applications or disqualify some other recently announced Applications if it is later revealed because such a significant number of candidates supplied any incorrect statements inside and then subsequent to this specific version, because for whatever reasonable explanation regarded appropriate or necessary in the present circumstances. With ARY Laguna DHA city now, Karachi, the complete ARY family, as well as DHA main city, continuing to provide the very first man-made artificial beach site comfortable living. The project is attempting to identify novel technology opportunities to bring ARY’s Laguna closer to the community as the cornerstone of all their other key goals, which are to supply cutting-edge modern technologies. The building of the ARY Laguna Beach – DHA City Area Karachi is currently underway. Contractors must complete a Membership/Application specific form in order to obtain a registration form for the project. Service charges may be paid via prepaid cards, pay-orders, or bank draught orders drawn on a business bank account. Additional information, such as requirements and circumstances concerning size and shape, availability and pricing, and other information required for booking a property in advance throughout the construction project.

DHA Gujranwala ARY Laguna is to be launched on the 9th of January 2022. Consisting on massive 60 Acres, the project is designed specifically that almost all properties enjoy one-of-a-kind Beach Front views in Punjab.

ARY Laguna Categories

  • Villas
  • Plots
  • Hotel Villas
  • Hotel and Serviced Apartments
  • Mansions & Island Mansions

Sizes vary from

  • 125 Yards 5 Marla
  • 250 Yards 10 Marla
  • 500 Yards 1 Kanal
  • 1000 Yards 2 Kanal
  • 4 and 8 Kanal High-End Mansions & High-end Island Mansions.

The launching ceremony of ARY LAGUNA DHA Gujranwala is to reveal an exciting payment plan which will entice all suitors.

[ #1 ARY Laguna Gujranwala Prices ]

Price Plan of ARY Laguna Gujranwala Residential Villas is yet to be launched, impending launching ceremony will reveal the exciting payment schedule.

5 Marla Villa125 YardsPayment Plan at Launching Ceremony
10 Marla Villa250 Yards——————
1 Kanal Villa500 Yards——————
2 Kanal Villa1000 Yards——————
4 Kanal Mansion2000 Yards——————
8 Kanal Island Mansion4000 Yards——————

ARY Laguna Gujranwala ) – Commercial Plots

Commercial Properties will also be launched by ARY LAGUNA Gujranwala along with residential options. Prices and categories are to be updated at the impending Launching Ceremony.

4 Marla Commercial100 YardsPayment Plan at Launching Ceremony
8 Marla Commercial200 Yards——————
Retail and offices200/400 Yards——————

FAQ’s – About ARY Laguna Apartments

1- What type of apartments does Ary Laguna offer?

  1. 1 Bedroom apartment
  2. 2 Bedroom apartment
  3. 3 Bedroom apartment
  4. The Duplex apartment
  5. The Penthouse apartment

2- What is Ary Laguna City?
Ans: A testament to 21st-century living, ARY Laguna DHA City is bringing premium housing to Karachi, with a view — witness the glory of an all-year-round fresh, clean, and breath-taking lagoon from your home.

3- Who is the owner of ARY Laguna?

Ans: President and CEO ARY Digital Network Mr. Salman Iqbal, on the occasion said that ARY Laguna is the first of its kind project in South Asia and will redefine the concept of living in Pakistan.

4- How many apartments are in Ary Laguna?

Ans: ARY Laguna is bringing you amazing 1,2,3 and 4 beds luxury apartments and penthouses. ARY Laguna also plans to bring high sky villas and a separate block for overseas Pakistanis. They have state of an art waterfront with ultrasonic water filtration which purifies the water.

5- What is Ary Laguna Online Form Price?

Ans: The application form price is only 16,500 and 10,000 PKR is refundable. which will be refunded after 60-90 days of the balloting date.
All Payments will be made to the developer’s ESCROW Account or platinum agents account if you buy forms locally from agents.

6 What is ARY Laguna DHA Gujranwala Launch Date?
Ans: Launching on 8th Feb









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