September 11, 2021

Vehicle Verification & Registration 2022 Updated

If you are looking forward to buying a vehicle, either used or brand new, the first and foremost step is to get the vehicle registered. Now why is registration important? The first reason is to drive a vehicle legally in a state it is important to get it registered, and the second and most important reason is that it is required by law by doing so a unique ID is assigned to the vehicle for recognition purposes. This is requirement enforced by law of any country’s government and the penalty of not registering freshly owned vehicle is either paying large sum of fine or jail in extreme cases. Registrations are used by government to identify car ownership and give information for monitoring criminals and assessing taxes. After paying a fee, a registration certificate and license plates are issued.

Requirements of Vehicle Registration in Islamabad and All over Pakistan

Getting your vehicle registered means having proof of taxation and payment that comes along with owning a car in order to lawfully drive it on the road. Any and all of your motor vehicles that are driven on public land need to be registered. Registration is a cost that must be paid on a yearly basis and is linked to your insurance and title. Car registration is determined by a variety of criteria, including the vehicle’s age, manufacture, and model. The cost of registration for modern automobiles is usually greater than for older ones.

Modes of Vehicle Registration in Pakistan

Few years back when people had lesser inclination towards technology, the traditional method of vehicle registration included visiting registration office, which included consulting many officers. This was a hectic task and required much time and energy, but as the time began to change and people grew more closeness towards technology, a new way was designed to help the public in registration process. This new method was online registration, any citizen could excise taxation website to get their vehicle registered sitting home.

Online Vehicle Registration

Tired to waiting in queues or being stuck for a day while going through different phases of registration? Excise and Taxation departments are located throughout Pakistan and have implemented online facilities that allow vehicle owners to check their vehicles, motorbikes, and other autos with a few easy clicks on their mobile phones or laptops. Personal, commercial, and automobile information may all be accessed through the site.

Websites for Online Vehicle Registration & Verification in Pakistan

The following are the websites for online vehicle verification in Pakistan for each province:

Sindh Vehicle Verification Website:

This link can be used for registration of vehicles in Karachi and other cities of Sindh

Punjab Vehicle Verification Website:

This link can be used to register vehicles in major cities of Punjab and Lahore.

KPK Vehicle Verification Website:

This link can be used to register vehicles in major cities of KPK and Peshawar

After choosing the link as per your region, you will be given a form to fill out details of your vehicle. After filling out Vehicle Registration Number press the Search button. The Appeared information includes following details,

  1. Owner Details
  2. Registration Details
  3. Vehicle Information
  4. Engine Number
  5. Chassis Number
  6. Year of Registration
  7. Company Name
  8. Model Number
  9. Taxation Details
  10. Engine Capacity

If any of the provided information has any inaccuracy, it can be fixed by connecting with excise office of relevant region.

Steps of Online Vehicle / Car Registration

  • Step 1 – Browse the official portal of excise and taxation of your region
  • Step 2 – Fill out the verification form received from the portal
  • Step 3 – Review the results of information entered

Contact Details of Different Excise and Taxation Departments of Pakistan

Vehicle Verification Sindh

Portal Address:

Vehicle Verification  Sindh

Office Address: Tughlaq House Sindh Secretariat, Karachi, Pakistan

Email Address:

Phone Number: 021-99231410

Vehicle Verification Punjab

Portal Address:

Vehicle Verification Punjab

Office Address: 2nd Floor, Transport House11-Egerton Road, Lahore

Email Address:

Phone Number: 0800-08786

Vehicle Verification Khyber Pakhtun Khuwa

Portal Address:

Vehicle Verification KPK

Office Address: Shami Road, Bashirabad, Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Phone Number: 091-9212260

New Vehicle Online Registration Process:

In case of registering a new vehicle in the portal, following guidelines should be considered,

  • Visit the online portal of your relevant region
  • Select ‘Online Vehicle Registration’ from the dropdown option under ‘Vehicle Registration.’
  • Here you will receive two options of (i) New Vehicle Registration Process, or (ii) Transfer of Ownership
  • Choose the first option of new registration
  • Fill out the provided form with relevant information and save it

Information required in this process includes,

  • Details about the owner: Name, address, phone number, and NTN Transfer Information: Whether purchased under an individual’s name or an organization’s name, purchaser information is protected.
  • Information about how to buy: The name of the bank or business
  • Information for taxpayers: Status as a filer or non-filer
  • Information about the vehicle: The vehicle’s body type, chassis number, engine number, and size
  • Representative of the owner’s information: This is the individual who will be the owner’s representative at the ETD’s office.

Vehicle Verification in Islamabad

The Excise and Taxation Department of Islamabad implemented the Motor Transport Information Management System to easily record the information of vehicle registration, verification, driving licenses, and breaches of traffic rules. Vehicle registration not only helps in lawful driving but also helps secure deals in case of reselling because people are interested in purchasing only those vehicles which have guaranteed authenticity.

Procedure of Verifying a Vehicle in Islamabad

Islamabad Vehicle Verification:

There are three modes of verification of vehicle,

Online Vehicle Verification Islamabad Portal

To avoid the hassle of queues and appointment, most of the people prefer getting their verification done online.

Visiting the Excise Office Islamabad Personally

Traditional way of checking details of your vehicle is visiting excise and taxation office with original and required documents of your vehicle.

online vehicle verification islamabad

Islamabad Vehicle Verification LocationHEC building, Service Road East, Near H 9/4, Islamabad
Islamabad Vehicle Verification Contact No.0519265588
Islamabad Vehicle Verification

Islamabad Vehicle Verification Website
Islamabad Vehicle Verification


To get quick details of your vehicle and do not have access to internet? You can simply use your phone to get necessary information now. Simply send the registration number of your vehicle to 8521 and get all relevant information on your vehicle.


As the Excise and Taxation Department launched online registration methods for vehicles made it easier and more convenient for individuals to register their vehicles from the comfort of their own homes. The problems of how to verify registration process has been resolved by this newly initiated online method. Due to modern technology, we were able to simplify our lives and save time by not having to queue outside the excise office. Numerous difficulties have been overcome as a result of the excise department’s progress, and we can now verify the information of used automobiles online. We can easily obtain information on used vehicles thanks to the online vehicle registration process. It is easier to recognize a vehicle before purchasing that is it brand new or has been resold several times on the market. The online registration of automobiles streamlines and simplifies the car registration process. Vehicle registration in Pakistan used to be a lengthy process, and we had to wait in a large queue at the excise department to register our vehicles.

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