September 3, 2021


Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (also known as PTA) is an elite
organization whose sole purpose of creation is to maintain the balance
in the establishment, functioning and maintenance among the
telecommunications platforms in Pakistan. This organization runs
completely under the government of Pakistan. It was in the year 2000s
when the number of mobile phone users in Pakistan increased it is
believed that this happened due to drop in the prices of such devices
and as the prices decreased the number of cellular subscribers
expanded overwhelmingly. Due to such immense expansion of users in
2009 PTA launched SIM Information Supervision in order to keep an eye
on its users. In order to explain this system in a brief sentence, it’s a
system that enables the public to survey number of active SIM along
with their network operators against their CNICs.
In order to get a better grasp on this topic we must learn the following

  1. Subscriber Identity Module (SIM)
    As a part of Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM), SIM
    contains the mobile user’s information (e.g., messages, call
    history, contact numbers etc.). The SIMs are useful due to the fact
    that they can be inserted into any mobile phone in case of
    malfunctioning. They play an important role in PTA SIM
    verification through CINC. There are four popular SIM in Pakistan
    that goes under the name UFONE, JAZZ/WARID, TELENOR, ZONG.
    According to the intel provided by the PTA a single Pakistani
    citizen can own around 5 SIM cards by registering them under a
    single CNIC.
  2. Checking Active SIMs Against CNIC
    PTA SIM Information System has initiated an up-to-date solution
    for such matters. There are 2 ways to check active SIMs against
    • Checking via website
    • Checking via message
  3. By clicking the link given above a screen will appear.
  4. Then we proceed by entering CNIC number in the box.
  5. Within a matter of seconds, you’ll get your desired results in a tabular form
  6. The a table will appear and will show us the number of active SIMs
    operator wise.
    We can learn about the exact number of SIMs registered against your CNIC
    by texting your ID card number to 668. We can get perfect results by
    following the given steps:
  7. Open the text message window of your mobile phone
  8. The CNIC must be written without hyphens
  9. Send your text to 668
  10. You’ll receive a text message with the number of active SIMs against your
    CNIC along with their operator names.
    Chargers for this privilege is 2 PKR.
    The success rate of the SIM checking also depend upon biometric
    process. This means every cellular subscriber should use a biometric
    verified SIM for their own safety. Biometric Verification System (also
    known as BVS) a system to secure the information of the cellular users
    and also to control the misuse wireless connections. Biometric
    Verification System only answers and follow the orders given by
    NADRA. They keep digital CNICs of in order to verify the cellular users. It
    also provides the following operations:
  12. Acquire an identical SIM/ Wireless Landline Connection
  13. Change of Ownership of a SIM/Wireless Landline Connection
  14. Mobile Number Portability (MNP)
  15. Reaffirmation of SIM/Wireless Landline Connection
  16. Purchase or startup a new SIM/Wireless Landlines
    • Process of SIM Biometric Verification in Pakistan:
    Following are the must know things concerning the SIM Biometric Verification in
  17. Confirm whether your SIM is biometric verified or not with your mobile
  18. For biometric verification of your SIM connection, you need to punch in
    your thumb/fingerprint impression.
  19. This is how your mobile connection enters the digital record system of
    NADRA. Biometric technology in PTA SIM registration system helps track
    numbers easily.
  20. PTA Biometric Verification System helps the authorities to investigate
    activities with the help of a swift digital tracking system.
  21. In case of buying a new SIM or in desire to replace an old one in order to
    switch the network an outlet with BVS facility must be visited
    • Process of Blocking SIM Against Our CNIC:
    By following the steps, we can block SIMs that are written against out CNIC:
  22. The procedure of blocking is more or less the same for all GSM operators.
  23. To make your SIM card inactive which is registered against your CNIC, in
    order to make that happen customer service outlet or franchise must be
    visited so that the issue can be resolved
  24. There you’ll need to present your original CNIC and fill up a form.
  25. While submitting the form, you may also have to attach three copies of
    your CNIC.
  26. This process can be time taking therefore you will have to invest a few
    hours of your day this is because we have to wait for our turn for an hour or
    more as there are already so many people standing in the form of lines
    waiting to be served.
    Ther are various mobile operators that have established helpline
    services so that they could provide further more information regarding
    blocking or registration PTA SIM. Following are some helpline numbers
    for your convince:
    Helpline Mobile: 111 / 321
    Helpline Landline: 111300300 / 111111321
    Helpline Mobile: 345
    Helpline Landline: 111345100
    Helpline Mobile: 310
    Helpline Landline: 111222111
    Helpline Mobile: 333
    Helpline Landline: 111333100
    Note: City code must be written before calling any of the landline helpline. Every
    city has been bestowed with a unique city code. For example, 081 is the city code
    for Quetta, 021 for Karachi, 051 for Islamabad etc.

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