January 13, 2022

All You Need To Know About Roshan Digital Account

For the first time in Pakistan’s history, NRPs and foreign nationals who reside abroad are being provided an opportunity to open a bank account remotely at a Pakistani bank. Opening this account will require some information and documents. Banks have also been asked to complete all necessary customer due diligence within 48 hours. It will also allow profitable investment in specially designed saving instruments for Naya Pakistan certificates by Pakistan.

3rd generation mobile technology makes possible a level of customer convenience and control uncommon globally. The latest innovation in mobile phone services, the Roshan Digital Account, is another step toward a customer-centric banking system. This article will also give a clear idea of what the RDA is and how it is different from the traditional bank account.

Roshan Pakistan, the telecom operator, has been developing a digital payment system over the past year. This article will look at the Roshan Digital Account and take steps to ensure that the Pakistani diaspora is well integrated into the system.


The government of Pakistan has announced the rollout of a new initiative designed to help facilitate financial activities and bring ease in transaction processing. Under Prime Minister Imran Khan’s lead, the official announcement made on September 12th, 2020, was that this was an initiative by the Federal Government to expedite financial activities. It will also encourage overseas Pakistanis to undertake fund transfers, carry out their bill payments, and participate in investment activities.

Roshan Digital Account is an exciting initiative of the Federal Government. The name Roshan loosely translates to prosperity, value, and growth: the values upon which our platform was founded. This strategy facilitates overseas Pakistanis to open and manage their financial activities in Pakistan. Naya Pakistan is a new investment opportunity for NRPs relating to their account opening process. Customers will have the option to open an account from inside Pakistan or abroad. They will invest in special Naya Pakistan certificates during the first quarter of 2019.

The account also helps NRPs run banking, payments, and investment activities on a single platform. It is just a partial list of features that Roshan Digital can provide. The next time you notice that your account balance is lower than expected, call customer service and ask about this problem with the person on the other end of the line. A lot of banks in Pakistan are offering online banking nowadays! We never know what’s possible until we try it out.

Opening a Roshan Digital Account:

As banks transition into digital banking portals, this will help many NRPs feel more in touch with investment opportunities available right here at home. Offering banking options via the Internet is another significant step towards expanding Pakistan’s economy, and wondering how to open your Roshan Digital account in Pakistan? To help answer the previously-mentioned question, we have put together a couple of starter tips for getting back in the world of banking if you don’t already have an account. What are the steps you need to take to open a bank account? There is some information below, but if you still want to know more, read on and find out:

Let’s begin by first looking at how to open a Roshan Digital Account in Pakistan. We’ve compiled a helpful guide below to help you get started.

  • Step 1:

Pakistan is home to several different kinds of banks. We recommend you start your search online on our website or ask a few friends and family members for suggestions first based on what they have personally tried and liked. Continue to step 2 once you have picked out a favorite for a Roshan Digital Account!

  • Step 2:

Visit your bank’s official website (Roshan Bank) and look for the link that says ‘Open Digital Account.’ You will have to fill out an opening digital account application form. Once that’s done, you need to decide what type of account you want: a local bank account or a foreign currency [like USD]. Now you can upload digital copies of your Documents. When you submit the form, one last step is choosing your profile picture, which will occur when you decide to fill in your data online.

  • Step 3:

Once you have completed all of your application requirements (available above as a standardized checklist) and fulfilled the necessary criteria to open an account with Roshan Digital, it may take up to 48 hours for the bank to verify that your information is all correct. Once confirmed and active, you will be able to transfer funds into the account and make digital payments anywhere in the world using any electronic or mobile banking platform.

Documents needed for opening the account:

Opening account procedures for digital banks in Pakistan is fast, so opening a new bank account is easy. You need the following documents:

  • Bank Statement
  • Proof of profession and source of funds
  • Proof of non-resident Pakistani status via POC, visa entry, or exit stamps
  • Foreign passport [if applicable]
  • Identity cards such as CNIC/NICOP/POC
  • A digital signature or scanned signature on white paper
  • Overseas Pakistanis Foundation membership card [if available]

The documents required for opening a Roshan Digitial Account may vary for different banks, so double-check the requirements of the particular bank.

Eligibility Criteria:

Government employees, Pakistani ex-pats, or Pakistani-born abroad can create a digital bank account. It is suitable for business because it allows Asian businesses with offices in Pakistan to work with the home banking software already in place for their Pakistani employees.

For a minor to have the account, the parent or legal guardian of the applicant is required to carry out any transactions on their behalf until they turn 18. Adults are also eligible to open an account with their name and identity and use this account exclusively with none other than their parents.

More about Roshan Digital Account:

It will also provide access to conventional account services, including funds transfer and bill payments for their families. It will let NRPs deposit money in Pakistan’s banks and take fixed deposits. It will let NRPs invest in Pakistan’s stock market, where they would choose both foreign currency accounts and rupee-denominated accounts. Account-holders would be able to make real-time online conversions from foreign currencies to Pakistani rupees from these new accounts and vice versa.

Current accounts don’t allow customers to make their own decisions on how their money is spent, but personal accounts give you the option of taking control and deciding what to do with your money. Roshan Digital Account gives you more freedom and choice by giving you an easy way to fund your current account abroad; this enables you to easily convert the PKR into USD through official banking channels for seamless repatriation back into Pakistan at a time that suits you.

Users can access their Roshan Digital Account (RDA) through the internet and conduct transactions in a secure environment. The RDA service is available to residents with PKR sterling accounts in banks currently operating on Flexi Business Banking System (FBBS). There is no automatic credit transfer from other banking channels to the RDA. However, individuals can also make direct transfers from their accounts.

Having a Roshan Digital Account eliminates the stress of using a brick-and-mortar bank. One can easily do their banking from home and convert any currency at the current market rate without waiting for an exchange office to open. Additionally, users are given a debit card that can be used anywhere in Pakistan, convenient.

However, some banks in other countries do not offer this as they include transactions made through vendors or shops as cash transactions and limit how much can be spent via card unless it’s done through the bank itself. In addition, Roshan Digital Accounts currently do not allow for more than one account holder. Still, many other banks in Pakistan allow for either joint accounts or individual accounts, with one person being the primary user (this could pose problems, especially if another person has access to your password).

‚ÄčThe Roshan Digital Account is a tailor-made solution by Roshan Bank to facilitate non-resident Pakistanis in their investment plans. Available exclusively to overseas Pakistanis, the product allows investors to move funds easily and quickly between their selected currency and Pakistani paper money without dealing directly with government agencies or banks by taking advantage of an account opened by an individual who becomes their representative abroad.


This new initiative was designed to expedite Pakistan’s financial activities and give overseas Pakistanis a way to transfer their funds back home quickly. This innovative initiative makes it easier for them to manage their finances by streamlining payments, investments, and fund transfers through one convenient platform. It is an endeavor done by the Federal Government to enable overseas Pakistanis. The bank account helps them manage their accounts from abroad whenever they want. So that’s all about Roshan Digital Account. We hope that all your confusion regarding Roshan digital account is clear now. If you still have more queries regarding the digital account, let us know in the comments, and we’ll answer.

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