August 19, 2021

Top luxury Apartments in Karachi

  1. Lucky one Apartments

Lucky One Apartment buildings is a truly spectacular, multidimensional, very first high-end apartment buildings project that will also drastically change the luxurious housing real life practical experience in Pakistan. Lucky One comprises eight magnificent apartment complexes as well as an 8-acre Rooftop Park. The construction project is separated into two sections, the first one being now underway. The luxury flats are perfectly located in Karachi’s perfect setting on prominent Rashid Minhas Avenue, beside UBL Sports Centre, and are widely obtainable via significant Karachi Overpasses. Lucky One Apartment buildings is the prestigious way of living destination point for modern dwellers in Karachi mainly due to its unparalleled unique combination of first-class luxury flats and high-end modern amenities such as a local swimming pool, Fitness center, Play Areas, Ball Fields, Conference Center, Event Hall, Basketball courts, as well as the absolutely incredible 8-acre Roof – mounted city park.

  • Building Designs

 Lucky One Apartment buildings characterizes elite class modern living in an apartment by characterizing attractiveness, style, increased efficiency, and life of luxury. The building comprises luxury four room apartment as well as two different types of three bedroom flats that mostly finally meet the greatest current design requirements. Lucky One Apartment buildings offers the chance to experience the significant events in its magnificent Event Center. Simply select a food menu and allow the majority of the preparation to the organizers of the event, who would also work tirelessly to ensure the precious moments completely remarkable.

  • Educational facilities

Lucky One Apartment buildings is home base to a Froebel state education system public school, which provides a significant educational experience for children through with an internationally known core curriculum and outstanding performing arts, science in general, including musical facilities and equipment.

  • Security

 A centralized management, state-of-the-art security and safety system that is based on cutting-edge protection technology certainly provides absolutely flawless security mechanisms. Real Access Security Measures, Hi-Tech employee who works, regular visitor Management Platform, Automobile Monitoring System, and CCTV Monitoring System are all readily available.

  • Parking

Lucky One Residences’ privately owned parking space has been one of the biggest in the country, with exclusively reserved car parking for each apartment building. Security cameras as well as a crew of fully armed security personnel keep a close eye at all on the surrounding place.

  • Self Generation

Lucky One Apartment buildings pretty much ensures a comfortable as well as considered suitable sustainable environment by providing consistent generated electricity by self-sufficiency. The theme involved its very own 20 MW energy production unit, which again will consistently deliver continuous services to all apartment complexes for the home energy requirements.

  • Sunny pride Apartments

A well-kept basement level apartment complex , featuring full and proper marble carpeting in each family room and ceramic tiles throughout the restroom, two entrances and exits, with water reservoirs, one from the gallery space and the other in the kitchen area, slider doors in the entrance of the building as well as an aluminum door in the kitchen area, one of the apartment’s rooms filled with exquisitely crafted floral wallpaper whereas the lounge area has a bright and colorful ultimately led solid background. The apartment building is located near very important roads and provide easy accessibility to many basic amenities. The below mention places are nearby:

  • Nearby Marketplaces are an extra benefit.
  • A relatively nearby gas station
  • Masjids in the vicinity
  • It’s adjacent to the Greeeline local station
  •  Also there is really no apparent lack of gas supply or fresh water
  • On a main thoroughfare in Northern Karachi.
  • Beach View Apartment

Beach View apartment complex in Karachi’s D.H.A. local district has air – conditioning system, a balcony overlooking, as well as views of the city. This resort is situated mostly on the seaside and has wireless Internet. The apartment complex has one spare bedroom, two bathrooms, a relatively flat Television with cable stations, a sitting lounge, a fully fitted kitchen area, as well as a rooftop terrace beautiful views of the ocean. It would be a very nice and pleasant choice to stay.

  • Apartments plus a house

Home plus apartments in Karachi probably includes views of the city as well as a restaurant that serves and food court. Internet connection is free and available throughout most of the building. The elements comprise marble floors, a sitting free space with such a flat-screen Television, a nicely decorated kitchen and bathroom with the sitting space, as well as a separate shower room.

  • Apartments in Patel Residency

The apartment complex includes various separate bedrooms, a completely flat Television mostly with broadcast networks, a thoroughly furnished kitchen area with a fridge and microwave oven, an air conditioner, and two restrooms, and one has a steam room. Sheets and towels and bedding can indeed be provided at least for an extra premium as a convenient access.

  • Ocean View Apartment

Ocean View apartment complex, located in Karachi’s DHA Sindh city district, usually includes a rooftop terrace featuring open sea extreme views. This beachside rented property has a rooftop plus free wireless Internet. The air-conditioned apartment complex has two rooms, a main living area, a nicely decorated kitchen area with an oven or microwave and a boil kettle, as well as two restrooms with showers and toilets and complementary amenities.

  • Kings Group Presidency

Kings Group was founded in 1977 as a conventional methods close organized corporation of property developers, marketers, and construction contractors. Preserving good corporate governance practices The King Group emphasizes in conducting up organizational processes and behaviors in accordance with the rules mostly with as well as exceeding the regulatory requirements in terms of maintaining significant development and transparency with various stakeholders. The business was launched to function effectively both as a property developer as well as a building contractor, effectively giving it the additional opportunity to regularly engage in a variety of roles on a variety of programs. Kings Group is honored to be acknowledged as being one of Pakistan’s constantly growing construction organizations. They have such a solid track record for providing the best quality constructions while maintaining a strong competence as well as originality. Kings entire presidency has been one of the best and most efficient apartment complex development in urban areas. This is an expensive luxury construction project with 5-6 bedrooms and reserved parking areas on two floors. It will also be properly equipped with cutting–edge manufacturing technology. This one has been specifically designed in accordance with the international security protocols. It is indeed a one-of-a-kind broader community framework that provides a super luxurious setting in a completely integrated type of lifestyle.

  • King’s Luxury

The primary objective is to deliver the inexpensive homes and businesses with high-quality design and construction, as well as perfectly adequate empty area for happier and stronger lifestyle conditions in urbanized destinations. The king’s luxury of choice is a 5-6 bedroom state-of-the-art housing residences originally designed with understated elegance as well as creativity and innovation. Situated in the one of the city’s main biggest prominent areas to ensure that people are consistently connected in some way. With CCTV surveillance measures, high-speed passenger elevators, including protected parking areas, the capital investment currently will repay customer handsomely afterwards and then. Preserving good corporate governance practices The King Group emphasizes in conducting up organizational processes and behaviors in accordance with the rules mostly with as well as exceeding the regulatory requirements in terms of maintaining significant development and transparency with various stakeholders.

  • Javed Apartments

The Javed apartment complex in D.H.A. Karachi The apartment building has three rooms, a dining lounge, a new satellite flat-screen Television, a properly equipped kitchen area, and 1 restroom with a very shower head and a bathtub. And it also has a balcony overlooking with views of the city. Sheets and towels as well as bedding can really be provided of course for an additional cost as an added feature. In apartment building, for Comparison purposes, the entire modern facilities are provided.

  1. Entire Home’s for family

Entire Home’s for Family is actually located in Karachi as well as certainly provides air-conditioned reasonable accommodations with the roof terrace. This apartment complex residents have convenience to a comprehensive prepared kitchens. This apartment building has one room and one restroom with a bath or shower, as well as a flat-screen Television. The apartment complex includes affordable parking permits.

  1. Holiday Villa DHA 

The Holiday Villa DHA is located in Karachi. This apartment also has a lawn as well as accessible parking space.

This apartment complex has three bedrooms, a dining lounge with a flat-screen Television, a completely equipped living room with a kitchen area, including three restrooms, each with its own toilet as well as a washer and dryer.

  1. Airport Guest House

Airport Guest House is positioned in Karachi, in the Sindh province, and provides free parking space. The apartment complex occupants could really experience a halal certification meal. Airport Guest House does indeed have a balcony overlooking as well as a communal living lounge area. Accommodation seemed completely pleasant and in a nice location.

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