January 13, 2022

Top Travel Companies in Pakistan

Tourism has become an important mode of travel for millions worldwide, especially since the rise of globalization. Travel for leisure, recreational, and business purposes support economic and social growth. Tourism is a huge industry worldwide, generating billions of dollars a year. It’s estimated to be a whopping 0.9 trillion dollars annually! There was some great news to report lately when one of the leading travel magazines gave Pakistan credit where credit was due. They recommended Pakistan as one of their top destinations to visit in 2020—and are already seeing rising numbers with 50 million visitors traveling within the country over the summer tourist season alone!

  • Total Travels:

Total Travels is a travel agency that assists in all stages of a vacation. They can set you up whether you’re taking an international trip or even arrange for your local loved ones to visit nearby; they can help you the whole way from start to finish. Most recently, they were recognized by International Airlines. The latter publically lauded their abilities and level of performance – so much so that the airlines would recommend anyone looking for a travel agent in Karachi to choose TotalTravels as their first port of call.

  • Aroma:

Aroma is an organization that provides many reliable travel services. They offer services for numerous travels, including Umrah, Hajj, domestic packages, international packages, and car rentals. Aroma provides reliable and quality travel services for your holiday, tours, car, and travel needs. Aroma boasts exceptional customer service and a high standard of expertise that assures a memorable and unique experience!

  • Askari:

Askari is one of the most respected and reliable sources for all your travel needs. Whether you are looking to take a short weekend trip to see relatives or far-flung destinations around the world, this company can provide top-quality services for customers all over the globe. Whether it’s a huge conference in Beijing or a simple business meeting in London, Askari will ensure that every need, no matter how small or large, is met during such an important event. Askari is an International Transport Association accredited travel Services Company established in 1982. As the leading agency of its kind, Askari provides state-of-the-art reservation technologies and one-stop travel-related services to a wide range of different businesses while maintaining a high standard of customer satisfaction. Askari has been an accredited IATA travel agent since 1982. It offers state-of-the-art reservation systems to internationally and domestically based companies, maintaining a high standard of customer satisfaction in the process.

  • Bukhari:

Bukhari Group offers all-inclusive travel and tourism services around the globe. They provide seasonal tour packages ranging from one night to a maximum of eleven nights in western and eastern countries, occasional trips that are pre-planned excursions that last a couple of days, and their vocational tours feature popular destinations with itineraries created around special interests and hobbies. Muslims have Hajj & Umrah packages that can include transportation, accommodation in Makkah (Mecca), services of an experienced guide – moulvi or haji, etc. Bukhari Group is a name to reckon with in the tour and travel industry. They have been offering one-stop solutions for all kinds of travel and tourism needs since 1973. Whether it’s group tours, seasonal packages, vocational tours, or any Umrah or Hajj packages – Bukhari Group ensures you get both timely and effective services that cater to your specific needs. Bukhari Group is a group of travel agencies that have been around for 40 years and specializes in travel packages tailored to suit the needs of Muslims who want to visit holy sites abroad.

  • Zeb Travels:

Zeb Travels has led Pakistan’s tourism industry for more than 30 years. This premier tourist operator is renowned domestically and internationally, winning multiple industry awards over the past decade and commendations from numerous world leaders, travel authorities, and international charity organizations. Zeb Travels agency also promotes various Pakistani landmarks to get people interested in visiting Pakistan. Zeb Travels is one of the leading and oldest travel and tour companies in Pakistan. Since being established in 1970, this company has represented Pakistan on various international platforms to promote tourism services provided by individuals looking to visit Pakistan. Zeb Travels, based in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad, Pakistan, operated forty years ago. Zeb Travels is known for its representation of Pakistan on various international platforms to portray the beautiful tourism spots available in the country.

  • Premio Travel And Tour:

Premio Travel & Tour Pvt. Ltd is a leading travel & tour consulting company that has earned quite a reputation in the business by providing reliable and completely tailor-made travel packages at an affordable, friendly price and providing honest advice to tourists who are traveling abroad or within Pakistan. Premio Travel offers great tailor-made package deals which look after your needs and diversify your experience. Premio’s local tour operators offer professional advice on all tours while giving you value for money and peace of mind. Premio Travel & Tour is one of the leading travel agencies in Pakistan. It helps its customers get top-notch custom-made domestic and international travel services from start to finish.

  • Rao Travel and Tourism:

Travel services are a great way to travel and broaden your experiences in life. Rao Travel & Tourism services is a great way to start your journey with our full-service travel agency. We offer trustworthy air ticketing, travel, tour, Hajj, Umrah, & much more, along with a wide variety of tourism experiences related to the world’s finest destinations. Come in today and begin planning the trip of a lifetime now! Rao Travel Services is an excellent, full-service travel agency in Karachi that offers a wide array of services for businesses and individuals alike. The company specializes in business and leisure travel for individuals and large groups and special events such as weddings, anniversaries, and graduations. Rao Travel Services’ team of experts has extensive knowledge of the traveling industry and will do whatever it needs to give its clients the highest service levels possible. Rao Travel and Tourism Services specialize in offering high-quality travel services to their clients for the whole year round. They offer full-grid travel tours and services, an extensive range of air ticketing, including Hajj, Umrah packages, and a comprehensive range of other domestic and international travel-related services.

  • HikeWHIZ Travel and Reviews:

HikeWHIZ Travel and Reviews is a travel agency in Pakistan. They are best known for their delightful staff, effective tourism packages for groups, and reasonable rates. They have been assisting tourists from Pakistan and abroad for various years. HikeWhiz Travel & Tours is one of the leading international travel services providers. They specialize in all aspects of hospitality, from custom-made, domestic, and international flight reservations to hotel accommodations and visa applications for countries worldwide. Their staff are hospitable and aim to provide a memorable experience for each guest. The company is based in Karachi as well as Islamabad Defense areas. It was founded by two individuals with over 60 combined years of experience in travel service provision, and since then, it has catered to thousands of tourists from Pakistan and abroad. HikeWhiz Travel and Tours is one of the leading providers for domestic tourism, international tourism, destination weddings, airline ticket booking, and visa application services. Their well-trained staff has a great understanding of our needs and are happy to accommodate us. They are based in Karachi and Islamabad. Since its launch, thousands of tourists from Pakistan and foreign countries have been served by their hospitable company through proper procedures that are as promised upon purchase.

  • Bestway’s Travels:

Bestway’s Travels offers the best tours and travels in Pakistan. The company has been around for 35 years, during which time it has become a natural habit for its experts to plan tailor-made tours and itineraries that appeal to their customers. By providing affordable travel packages and offering customers a large portion of customized options, Bestway’s Travels ensures that your next trip will be unforgettable. Bestway’s Travels has over 35 years of experience dealing with travel and tourism. They promise to provide the most memorable trips at budget-friendly rates so that you get the most out of your holiday! Bestway’s Travels is one of the top travel agencies in Pakistan. Bestways’ 35 years’ experience has provided affordable rates for the ultimate unforgettable trip.

  • Travel Co.:

Travel Co. is a relatively new travel agency, but their general approach has earned them the reputation for being perfect and best in the region of operation. They have an extensive list of tours from both national and international ranges and charge considerably less than many of the other companies on our list – but they do not provide any guarantee. Travel Co. is one of the newest and most popular travel agencies on the market in recent years. The company only offers a handful of destinations to visit globally, but it does so without sacrificing the quality of service. That’s why Travel Co. is considered one of the best overall travel agencies anywhere when it comes to competitive prices and customer care.

On top of that, the company is well-known around the globe for its exceptional tours and accommodations – particularly for families and seniors looking for exciting traveling opportunities without having to worry about all the little details about getting there! Travel Co, or Travel Consultants, is a relatively new enterprise in travel and tourism. Still, they’ve managed to gain the respect of their customers with good rates, their accessible online support, and the overall way they deal with patrons. However, they have something to learn regarding the services they offer; some are absent from the catalog entirely. That being said, Travel Co encompasses quite a bit of tour within its reach.

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