October 7, 2021

Top 69 Zameen.com Titanium Agencies [2022]

Titanium Package

  • Zameen Titanium package will take your business to the next level and then equip you with all the tools necessary to keep you there.
  • Foreign Direct Investment in Pakistan averaged USD 2,651.26 million from 2010 until 2016, with the majority being pulled in due to real estate. Titanium clients have the lions share of this property pie – care to join them?
  • Zameen core principles is ensuring that potential clients know who you are and remember your name. We are not just talking about customers around the country, but also the bustling overseas clientele that drives 40% of our traffic.
  • You can find all the customers in the world, but it will not matter if you cannot manage them right. A Titanium client stands out because of its quality of service – something we will always ensure you can offer
  • Priority Support for your processes
  • Priority listing approvals
  • Priority media solutions
  • Priority listing collection support
  • Direct and exclusive access to our core team
  • Exclusive Expos discount
  • Dedicated after-sales support

Titanium Agencies [2022]

1- District 92
2- Beacon Investment
3- Property Empire Real Estate & Builders
4-Prop Fourteen Business management
5-Garrison Estate & Builders
6- Four Walls Real Estate
7- V1 Group Real Estate & Builders
8- The Mentors real Estate & Builders
9-Ideal Associates
10-Rajas United Estate
11-F1 Real Estate
12-kashmir Property Advisor
13-FB Builders Real Estate & Consultants
14-Arm Strong Estate & Builders (Rawalpindi)
15-MGC Real Estate (Rawalpindi)
16-M I Developers (Rawalpindi)
17 V 4 International (Rawalpindi)
18W & A Enterprises (Rawalpindi
19 Naseem Estate & Builders (Rawalpindi)
20 VIP Properties (Rawalpindi)
21 Heavens Land Estate Management (Rawalpindi)
22 Garrison Property Consultants (Rawalpindi)
23 MJ Real Estate And Property (Rawalpindi)
24 Property Empire Real Estate & Builders (Rawalpindi)
25 AZCA Estate & Builders (Rawalpindi)
26 UNF Marketing (Rawalpindi)
27 Rahmat Enterprises (Rawalpindi)
28 Earth Connection Estate Investment Consultant (Rawalpindi)
29 New Era Builders & Real Estate (Rawalpindi)
30 Sidra Estate & Builders (Rawalpindi)
31 Golden Key Estate & Builders (Rawalpindi)
32 King Zone Pvt Ltd Builders & Developers (Rawalpindi)
33 Osprey Properties (Rawalpindi)
34 Empires Consultant (Lahore)
35 Al Musawar Estate (Lahore)
36 Qanzak Global (Islamabad)
37 Marriott Estate Corporation (Islamabad)
38 Pakistan Property Services (Lahore)
39 Aijaz Estate & Marketing (Lahore)
40 Volk Properties (Karachi)
45 NP Marketing (Islamabad)
46 Jaidad Group Of Companies (Karachi)
47 Estate Leaders Pvt Ltd (Lahore)
48 Greenz Properties (Lahore)
49 Hassan Associates (Lahore)
50 One Call Real Estate (Lahore)
51 J7 Global (Islamabad)
52 Square Nine International (Islamabad)
53 Al Tawakkal Enterprises (Karachi)
54 Al Ghazi Property (Karachi)
55 Saleem Associates & Builders (Lahore)
56 JR Property Network (Lahore)
57 4 SP Pvt Ltd Real Estate & Design Team (Lahore)
58 IBN E HASHIM Construction & Associates Pvt Ltd (Lahore)
59 FR Associates (Karachi)
60 Chohan HAY Estate (Islamabad)
61 PC Marketing (Islamabad)
62Al Jannat Real Estate (Lahore)
63 Itehad Developers & Builders (Bahawalpur)
64 Mian Usman Associates (Lahore)
65 Al Majid Associates (Lahore)
66 Pakland Builders (Islamabad)
67 PRehmat Sons Real Estate & Builders (Lahore)
68 Seven Star Real Estate (Islamabad)
69 KhuldBuilders & devlopers

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