September 6, 2021

Al Noor Orchard Housing Scheme

Lahore is one of the busiest cities of Pakistan that focuses wholly on development of the area. There are many residential authorities and frequently developing housing programs that have welcomed new quality to urbanized region and has raised the caliber of lifestyle. Al Jalil Developers have played a major role in raising the standards of lifestyle in Lahore with the vision of, “empower the masses to lead an elevated and better lifestyle”. Al Noor Housing Scheme is one such project launched by Al Jalil Developers that has changed the concept of innovation. Located on the ideal location of the main market of Sharaqpur Road, opposite to the Al Raziq Garden, the main area of Lahore, this scheme has the most appealing residential program for its customers who are interested in settling down in Lahore.

Aim of Al Noor Orchard

Over time different residential societies introduced in the market had different aims for betterment and change in lifestyle, every society had better services to offer than the other. The main question raises on the part that what makes Al Noor Orchard an ideal choice for customers? The answer to this question lies in the aims and objectives that were settled before launching the society to its customers. Al Noor Orchard plans on not only bring innovation in the lifestyle of residents but also focuses on the role of using and maintaining the residential sector in Lahore, therefore encouraging a comfortable and luxurious life.  

Followings were the aim that were settled before constructing Al Noor and are still being implemented during its extension,

  • Forge partnership between Lahore and Jaranwala
  • Formulation of pleasant and affluent link between Jaranwala and Lahore
  • To create a desirable lifestyle for individuals wishing to relocate to Lahore from minor towns
  • To cultivate and treasure an urban lifestyle with a natural touch
  • To realize the dream of developing something new
  • To offer people with the greatest possible living circumstances

Al Noor Orchard NOC

In October 2019, the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) approved the NOC of Al Noor Orchard. The certificate was issued have an NOC #LDA/DMP1/SKP/913. This NOC permitted the developers to commence the construction on the area.

Al Noor Orchard Remittance Scheme

When it comes to payment, the main concern that raises is the cost. Mostly the residential societies with high development target people of high income, but Al Noor Orchard has the best plans to offer when it comes to cost. With highly flexible payment schedule, you can now get the finest housing sectors in Lahore with investment and sales plans. In order to satisfy the requirements of client, there are range of villas, residential and commercial plots available for sale purposes, which a time limit of 30 months for entire payment to clear and 6 half-yearly installments. The following table shows range of cost and area for commercial and residential plots.

CostRs. 55,000Rs. 12,500
AreaPer MarlaPer sq ft.

Al Noor Orchard West Marina Block

This housing development has added a new block with 3 and 5 marla residential plots available for purchase on a 5-year easy payment plan. Another futuristic possibility for modern investors and purchasers is the West Marina Block. The plot costs are affordable, and they provide consumers with a long-term investment opportunity. Given below is the Al Noor Orchard West Marina payment schedule, which includes all the necessary information.

Al Noor Orchard Housing Scheme
5 Year Payment Plan West Marina Residential Plots (New Deals)
Plot SizeTotal PriceBooking AmountBalloting Within YearPossession Within 2.5 Year09 X Half Yearly Installments50 X Monthly Installments
3 Marla1,750,000200,000200,000210,00060,00012,000
5 Marla2,650,000300,000300,000300,000100,00017,000
10,11 Marla4,500,000500,000500,000650,000150,00030,000
1 Kanal7,500,000800,000800,000880,000280,00050,000

The newly adjusted rates which are applicable now are as follows,

Plot SizeTotal PriceBooking Amount09 X Monthly Installments50 X Monthly Installments
3 Marla1,950,000200,00080,00012,000
5 Marla2,850,000300,000100,00017,000
10,11 Marla4,750,000500,000190,00030,000
1 Kanal8,400,000800,000300,00065,000
2 Kanal15,000,0002,000,000500,000110,000

5-year payment plan of West Marina Central Commercial Area is as follows with a 10% discount on full payment,

Plot SizeTotal PriceBooking Amount50 X Monthly Installments10 X Half Yearly InstallmentsBalloting Within 1.5 YearPossession Within 3 Years
2 Marla5,000,000800,00045,00095,000500,000500,000
4 Marla9,000,0001,500,00080,000130,0001,200,0001,000,000
8 Marla16,000,0003,000,000130,000250,0002,000,0002,000,000

Al Noor Orchard Villas

For those looking to improve their living standards immediately, Al Noor Orchard is providing quality villas for sale. It’s an appealing bargain of newly constructed luxury villas with a 5-year simple payment plan. 3 Marla and 5 Marla villas in Al Noor Orchard Lahore are ready for you to move in and enjoy a high-quality lifestyle. These ideally built villas are beautifully designed and will be built in accordance with current construction trends. You can view below the complete remittance schedule of Al Noor Orchard Villas’,

5 Year Payment Plan of Al Noor Orchard Villas
SizePriceBookingBooking ConfirmationPossession AmountHalf Yearly PaymentMonthly Payment
3 Marla4,750,000500,000500,0001,000,00095,00030,000
5 Marla7,750,000800,000800,0001,600,000155,00050,000

Location Benefits of Al Noor Orchard

Being in the heart of Lahore, Al Noor Orchard is accessible to anyone as it is situation right next to Faizpur interchange, if customers wish to take M-2 motorway route then the distance is reduced to 8 minutes’ drive. The M-3 Abdul Hakeem Motorway is about an 8-minute drive away, whereas Sagian Wala Bypass Rd is about a 9-minute drive away and the Lahore-Jaranwala Rd is about a 7-minute drive away.

Agenda of Al Noor Orchard

Al-Jalil developers, with over two decades of expertise, have created this housing community in the centre of Lahore. The location is ideal, and the plots for sale are quite economical for people various background.

Al Noor Orchard is a 40-acre land of high-quality, low-cost property is split into numerous blocks. Plot sizes of 3, 5, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal are available in each block. Commercial plots of 4 Marla, as well as 3.5 and 5 Marla houses, are also available. A theme park, as well as a magnificent Masjid, medical facilities, an educational complex, and an Egyptian themed health care facility, are all part of the proposal, which would cover over 140 Kanal land areas. The master plan also includes beautiful green parks to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Key Features

Al Noor Orchards is an ideal location for your housing, not only because of its luxurious infrastructure and affordability but also because of the following features it provides to its customers,

  • Parks to keep your children happy
  • Gyms to take good care of your physical fitness
  • Underground electrical wiring
  • Development of area according to the modern age
  • Has a long boulevard of 150ft long
  • 24hrs security
  • Schools, mosques and so much more.

Why Al Noor Orchard is the Best Choice for your Investment?

It is a meticulously planned residential community dedicated to providing a luxury and environmentally friendly environment for its members. For any culture, the environment and location are always the most important factors.

The primary attraction of this town is its high-quality infrastructure and serenity, which make it an ideal place to live in Pakistan. The pricing of the residential and business plots is also established in such a way that even low-income households may afford them. Lastly, it is important to quote that the location has easy access, making it a convenient premium location home community. For investors, the great location, fast-paced building, and high-end development have created a stunning and appealing reality.

Purchasing/Sale Process of Al Noor Orchard

The very first point is having a verified document and being clear on the inquires regarding NOC and document approval by the developers. The second step includes having financial security, it is important to be certain that your finances can manage the purchase program you chose. The last step includes property visits, it is crucial to visit the land to have assurance of document and land.

Al Noor Orchard was delicately designed by one of the highly trained and skilled developers, by mix-matching a blend of technology and nature, this residential society has proved its vision of becoming the greatest infrastructure construction business at the most affordable prices and with the most luxurious facilities. Al Noor Orchard is dedicated to building your dreams with an innovation.

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