September 6, 2021


Wish to convert huge amount of money in a nick of time? Well, worry no more because in this blog we’ll cover such topics including money making tips for such conversions.

There has always existed a significant number of confusions when it comes to different numbering systems. This leads towards certain displeased investors or buyers This can cause a huge deal of confusion particularly for overseas buyers or investors, who have to convert a foreign currency into their desired currencies and, at the same time, establish a better understanding as well.

There are two ways by which we can convert Billion, Million or even Trillion into Urdu numbering system. These methods are listed below

  1. Manual Conversion of Units
  2. Online Conversion Calculators

·       Manual Conversion of Units

Take a look at the table shown below to know how it’s done

0 00 000 0000 00000 000000Ten Hundred Thousand Ten Thousand Lakh Ten Lakhs10 100 1000 10,000 100,000 1000,000

As per the graphic information given above, you can clearly see that converting units dose not required an incredible IQ. The conversion has a specific simple formula and all you need to remember the exact number of zeros before a number. For example, you wish to convert 5 crore into numbers. You must count the zeros required to make a million. Now, just put the number before the zeros. 5 crore will be converted into 50,000,000.

·       Online Conversion Calculators

Due to variety of facilities that Internet provides us conversion of units is one of them. However, we must have access of online software or offline applications that can perform our desired task which is to convert currency and numbers in the blink of an eye. Using these websites, applications, and programmes, you can convert Urdu units into international and vice versa.


If you wish to boost up your profits and convert million into a crore, there are numerous options that can provide you assistance:


If you have invested in a property that has an esteemed inaugurator, boasts a prime location and shows promise in terms of return of investments, the chances of the prices seeing an uprise are guaranteed. Land appreciates (quite) quickly in Pakistan and there are numerous amounts of projects to invest in that can result in higher yield returns. Commercial investment is one of the best ways to make more money in real estate. Commercial properties can be used easily to convert million into a crore. Whether it is a shop, warehouse, factory, or lawn – as long as it can be used for business, you can earn profits.


There are countless opportunities to discover if you’re looking to earn online. If you are a graphic designer, a writer or an IT specialist you can comfortably find many online freelance opportunities where you can make money while sitting in the comfort of your home. You can also start your own website and earn money through Google ads – but that will happen once you are blessed with sufficient amount of audience visitation at your website.


As people do not always buy brand new cars, they are looking for auto spare parts for their automobiles. You can make huge profits out of this business. But in order for this business to succeed in future you must have the knowledge about the

spare parts that you are selling and most importantly their should be a generous return policy in order catch the eye of the buyers.


Opening a restaurant of even a small food court can be one of the most efficient way of converting money. We all are aware of the fact no matter how much we evolve into to the future, the demand for food will always remain the same it’s also one of those things which will never not be trending. Open up a burger joint, biryani center, or even a shawarma stall selling cold beverages with shawarmas and you will see staggering rise of profits in no time.


So, if you have a few million rupees in your bank account, in that case investing in cars would be a great idea especially in the business of selling used cars. If you have the money and dedication for doing this particular task than this means the timing is ideal for u to do so. Imports of used cars, including minivans, witnessed a 70 percent increase, according to a 2018 Dawn news report on the auto industry of Pakistan. Buying and selling luxury cars will surely give you higher profits.


An equity market is a market in which shares of companies are issued and traded, either through exchanges or over-the- counter markets. Such markets are also labeled under Stock

Markets. So, we can also buy stocks and gain huge amount of money.

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