September 19, 2021

Housing Societies in Quetta

It is true that if you gaze at images of Quetta from the years when Britishers lived here which means before independence then you will agree with those who called it ‘’Mini London’’ but since the huge Earthquake in the 1935 which resulted in the destruction of almost the entire city around 30,000 to 70,000 people lost their lives and since that unfortunate day Quetta City never was able to live up to its title ‘’Mini London’’ anymore. However, despite suffering the loss of almost an entire civilization Quetta City continues to strive towards greatness. Quetta’s real estate market has not advanced much even when the real estate trends have changed nationwide. The last year, it has been the hostility and the issue of Afghan refugees which have been the reason behind market’s slow progress. But if u still plan on buying or renting in property in Quetta. Here are some of the best housing societies in which you can invest

  1. Al-Usman & AB Apartments

           Al-Usman and AB Apartments is a project that shows great promise. Located in the essence of Quetta Lehri Gate Main Somangli Road. One of the safest, Secure and under development Area. It offers a huge range of options to both investors looking for money offering returns, and people looking to buy have their own Apartment. Al-Usman and AB Apartments include Apartments and Shops. Al-Usman and AB Apartments has Double Elevations. Al-Usman and AB Apartments has easy access to Main Somangli Road, connecting it to the whole city.
Development work is advancing day-by-day. The Apartments and Shops on offer are available on easy instalment plans spanning 24 months – pick one that suits your budget. To add to the high quality of facilities and services it provides.

Main features

  • Spacious Ground Parking
  • CCTV Cameras
  • 24/7 Backup Generator
  • Nearby Mosques, Schools and Markets
  • Lavish Kitchen
  • Modern Lift
  • Opulent Bed Rooms
  • Building Own Water Supply
  • Balcony In Each Flat
  • Fully Furnished Flats
  • Air Ventilation in Each Flat

Property Ranges and Prices

    The property range and prices are enlisted below

Property RangePrice Ranges
151 Sq. Ft. – 192 Sq. Ft.PKR 15.1 Lakh – 19.2 Lakh
921 Sq. Ft. – 944 Sq. Ft.PKR 50.66 Lakh – 51.92 Lakh
922 Sq. Ft.PKR 57.1 Lakh
1,071 Sq. Ft. – 1,321 Sq. Ft.PKR 58.91 Lakh – 72.66 Lakh
1,071 Sq. Ft. – 1,321 Sq. Ft.PKR 55.69 Lakh – 68.69 Lakh
1,071 Sq. Ft. – 1,321 Sq. Ft.PKR 53.55 Lakh – 66.05 Lakh
  • Qasim Bagh Town

          The Qasim Bagh Town, also located in Somangli Road, is a Quetta Development Authority (QDA)-approved housing society that is currently offering a whole and lots of amazing investment opportunities.

A 40-acre luxury housing scheme located only 6.5-kilometres away from the airport, Qasim Bagh Town comes baring with the full range of progressive, living facilities. The project offers 5, 8, 12, and 24-Marla plots to cater to the residential needs of families of all sizes and living specifications. The scheme has committed plots for schools, commercial outlets, a mosque, a health center, as well as parks.

The town, further, has solar tube wells to provide clean drinking water to residents, in addition to the power and gas services that are otherwise offered. For security reasons, the society has been built as a gated and walled community – with guards designated to offer 24/7 protection.
Property Ranges

Property size and their prices are listed below

Property RangeProperty Price
5.01 MarlaPKR 19.72 Lakh
8 MarlaPKR 31.5 Lakh
12 MarlaPKR 47.25 Lakh
24 MarlaPKR 94.5 Lakh

3. Al Aman Apartment

       Al Aman Apartments is a housing development project situated at Sur Pul, near Noorzai Chowk, Saddam High School, on Quetta’s Sabzal Road. It features artistic architecture commercial shops and residential flats, which are accessible in different sizes.

The towering architecture which is sensationally built comprises three floors, in addition to spaces reserved for its basement and a ground floor. The commercial properties are distributed across the ground floor and the basement, while the first three floor consist of flats.

The project comes with furnished basic facilities such as water, gas, and electricity supplies – as well as a back-up generator facility. A complete system installed to handle sewerage serves as an addition to the said utilities.

Similarly, the availability of high-speed lifts allows for an easy and quick access to different floors. Moreover, a spacious lot serves to connect the residents with a fit parking space; with a 24/7 working security and maintenance system always on guard.

The flats consist of self-contained International-style kitchens with amazing features that are up for grabs at Al Aman Apartments. The open-plan design of these kitchens not only showcases an out of the ordinary stylish appeal.

Property Ranges and Prices

       The price tag on this piece of land is

Property Size Prices Range
100 Sq. Ft. – 250 Sq. Ft.PKR 11 Lakh – 14 Lakh
180 Sq. Ft. – 350 Sq. Ft.PKR 17 Lakh – 18 Lakh
1,052 Sq. Ft.PKR 41 Lakh
991 Sq. Ft.PKR 35 Lakh

Bottom Line of the Article

     It is true that these properties are quite affordable for the investors but I wouldn’t suggest investing in this region because the educational opportunities are not very vast in Quetta as well as the health very few quality doctors are available but if you are thinking of renting the property then by all means you can do it.

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