September 20, 2021

Housing Societies near New Airport Islamabad

Islamabad, the capital city of Pakistan, has seen tremendous changes throughout years. Many innovative projects began and were accomplished paying tribute to the great development of the capital, many residential societies were planned and established to improve the quality of lifestyle of people.

Being divided into different areas and sectors, Islamabad has provided best, safe, and comfortable housing facilities to its residents, today we shed light on one to the growing yet newest area which is working on boosting its facilities to provide best of services. The new International Airport in Islamabad is gaining popularity due the growing yet some of the best residential societies circling the area.

Worth of Societies Surrounding the New Airport

Having any notable landmark or airports generally tends to increase the market value of nearby locations, before inauguration of New Islamabad International Airport, the adjacent societies had higher prices but after opening, there was no significant change in value of property. This was due to the fact that the real estate market was overly congested by the time and there were many external factors that took part in restricting the price from increasing. This very area was highlighted due to consistent value increase, high-quality infrastructural development, and easy transfer of ownership. All the societies circling the airport are prospective investment opportunities for experienced investors.

Housing Societies

The area surrounding airport is perfect location for any experienced and knowledgeable real estate investor knows that now is the best moment to buy housing societies near New Islamabad International Airport. Following are housing societies near the new airport,

  1. Airport Enclave

Being associated with Land Linkers Builders, Airport Enclave is located near main Fateh Jang Road. This society form neighborhood associations with some of the noticeable societies such as, Mumtaz City, Top City-1, PAF Fazaia Housing Scheme, and PECHS Islamabad.

Being 5 minutes’ drive away from the New Islamabad International Airport, this society becomes the best spot of investment. Investors and genuine purchasers looking for a home near the New Islamabad Airport now have the chance to purchase a plot of land on a very easy and flexible payment plan at comparably affordable rates.

  • Al – Faisal Enclave

Al-Faisal Enclave was developed with the motive of providing basic housing facilities in Islamabad to people belonging to different economic statuses at affordable rates. Being located near New Islamabad International Airport and connected to Kashmir Highway, Al-Faisal Enclave has become an attracting point for investment.

Al-Faisal Enclave is devoted to offer some of the greatest facilities based on international standard and focuses on competing with well reputed societies to part best of services and improves quality of living standards for its residents. Noticeable features of this society include parks, play areas, jogging areas, golf court, high quality health care centers and educational institutes.

  • Al – Haram City

A project of Al-Haram Builders and Developers, the Al-Haram City is located near the M2 (Lahore – Islamabad) Motorway. As this society focuses on providing easy instalment plans to its residents along with contemporary and exquisite facilities, it has become one of the economically accessible housing society of Islamabad.

The Al-Haram City has its NOC registered from Rawalpindi Development Authority and Tehsil Municipal Administration; therefore, all the basic necessities of livings are legalized here, and investors can aim for a safe investment here.

As the Al-Haram City’s master plan was planned and completed with the assistance of highly qualified civil engineers, architects, and developers. The organization has a variety of residential and business plots available at reasonable prices.

  • Al – Mairaj Garden

Located near the Islamabad-Lahore Interchange, Al-Mairaj has the privilege of being at a prime location as it forms neighborly connections with DHA, Bahria Town, Gulberg Greens, and Islamabad International Airport. Having accessibility to Rawalpindi was never this simpler before.

Apart from providing quality housing facilities and being devoted to best infrastructural services, Al-Mairaj is working on establishing one of its own Business Bay, which will comprise shopping malls and commercial hubs. Due to its perfect location and being connected with the CPEC route, it calls out to investors to have easy access to enormous commercial networks and economic prospects.

  • Army Welfare Trust Housing Scheme (AWT)

Army Welfare Trust Housing Scheme is a project launched for former army personnel mainly. It is a fully developed project that offers basic amenities of living such as, water, gas, electricity, sewerage, and security to provide safe lifestyle.

Parks, mosques, commercial areas, schools, hospitals, cinemas, and other facilities are included in the concept and will be available to AWT inhabitants as soon as the society is populated. Due to the rising investment trend in the society, it is projected to be completely inhabited in the next 4 to 5 years.

This society has the perfect location of being located next to M1 motorway and is 10 minutes’ drive away from New Islamabad International Airport.

  • Blue World City

Blue Group of Companies initiated its latest housing society project namely as the Blue World City. Being steadily driven to its goal of providing state-of-the-art amenities to its inhabitants, which includes exhibiting replicas international landmarks, having one of the largest horse mascots, this society will pave ways for attracting tourism from all across the world.

  • Capital Smart City

The Capital Smart City has stepped forth as one of the most desirable housing societies in Islamabad, one main reason for this is its partnership with Future Development Holdings Limited, a construction and development firm that has introduced great projects such as DHA and Bahria Town.

After having NOC approved from RDA, the project scope was increased and the land was expanded, the NOC is currently being revised again.

  • City Garden

For anyone interested in easy monthly or quarterly affordable instalments plan for plots, City Garden comes up as one of the best choices. This society appears to be one of kind that grants special discounts to entrepreneurs, government employees, and foreign Pakistanis. This has made City Garden a great place to live as well as invest in real estate.

The New Islamabad International Airport is close to City Gardens. The ICHS Town, the Islamabad-Peshawar highway, and Fateh Jang Road are also close by.

  • Eighteen Islamabad

One of the most prominent emerging housing communities in the Islamabad is Eighteen. Many expected that the housing society would rapidly ascend to the rank of a high-end housing society catering to Islamabad’s aristocracy due to the amenities it provided.

As the housing society is located near New Islamabad International Airport, it’s worth is increased to double. The housing complex is situated on the Kashmir Highway, close to the M2 motorway. This upscale housing society’s primary entry points are the main Kashmir Highway and the GT Road.

As Eighteen has been legally authorized by the Capital Development Authority of Islamabad, you can view the status of its NOC on the CDA website, which confirms that this society confirms the availability of basic services like water, gas, and electricity.

  1. Engineers Cooperative Housing Society

Engineers Cooperative Housing Society has become one of the finest positioned and future investment opportunities, which is currently aiming to provide a world class luxurious living environment. It is currently working on improving and boosting greenery in Islamabad, for which every project is planned to keep in mind to preserve the natural beauty of the area.

If we get into the location of the society, it is located on the Grand Trunk Road, is flanked by the magnificent Margalla Hills, and will soon be connected with Motorway Interchange making it accessible to people from everywhere.

  1. Faisal Town

Faisal Town is one of renowned real-estate project of twin cities, conveniently located near Islamabad International Airport, on Fateh Jung Road directly adjacent to the Fateh Jang Interchange on the M-1 Motorway.

This society is one of the advanced projects that focuses on maintaining the quality of residential and commercial plots for its valued investors and provide them with a luxurious lifestyle.

Faisal Town had its NOC approved from Rawalpindi Development Authority making every investment and transaction completely secure and legal.

  1. Gandhara City

Gandhara City is an ongoing project of residential societies in Islamabad. It is one of Islamabad’s most exclusive new home developments, boasting state-of-the-art planning, a prime location, and all modern conveniences, which has made this society an excellent place to live and invest in real estate.

It is located close to the new Islamabad International Airport and the M-1 (Islamabad-Peshawar Motorway). The neighborhood envisions a historical Gandhara Art Architecture living style in a very safe environment, which is assured by a boundary wall, at a price that will provide great value to our customers’ pleasure.

  1. Graceland Housing Society

Graceland Housing Society is a project initiated by the Concrete Solutions (Pvt.) Ltd. Due to the renowned reputation of developers, this society gives excellent investment prospects by offering a wide range of plots at relatively low prices.

Being located near the new Islamabad airport and main Fateh Jung Road, it connects prominent places in Rawalpindi and Islamabad, such as University Town Islamabad and Top City Islamabad, with ease.

Graceland Housing Society has its NOC approved from TMA Fateh Jung and falls under the authority of Fateh Jung.

  1. Green City

Being 8 kilometers close to New Islamabad International Airport, Green City is developing at a rapid pace. NOC of this society was issued by Civil Aviation Authority and the Fateh Jang Town Municipal Administration, here the plots are sold in instalments, making it simpler for legitimate purchasers to participate in this society. There are three entry points to this society, the third of which is connected to the projected airport freight route by a link road. Within a year, the freight route is expected to be operational, and costs are expected to climb even more in this society. With the opening of new airport nearby, the standard of living in this community has gradually increased, as the plots which once valued say 2.5 million now cost around 4 million with the inauguration of airport.

  1. Islamabad Cooperative Housing Scheme (ICHS Town)

ICHS Town is a low-budget residential project near Islamabad and Rawalpindi. It is a semi-government project that was developed to provide housing facilities to people having lower or moderate income. It focuses on providing all basic amenities of life.

It is located near Fateh Jang Road, which is roughly 42 kilometers from Islamabad’s zero point. The location of the society is ideal since it is only 3 km from the CPEC road and 4 km from the New Islamabad International Airport.

Its neighboring societies include Capital Smart City, Mumtaz City, University Town, and Top City.

  1. Ministry of Commerce Employees Housing Society Islamabad

Ministry of Commerce Employees Housing Society Islamabad has the perfect location of being on the Fateh Jang Road near the New Islamabad International Airport with main object to serve a quality lifestyle to retired personnel of ministry of commerce. It is a NOC legalized society which makes it a safe investment option.

Apart from basic necessities of living it also focuses on providing quality and luxurious infrastructure to its residents.

  1. Ministry of Interior Cooperative Housing Society

Ministry of Interior Cooperative Housing Society was built with the aim to provide quality residence to officers in Islamabad and its environs. This society is built near a motorway and a Grand Trunk Road, making it simpler and more pleasant for police from outside the city to enter. Another advantage of this housing project is that it is close to the airport, making it convenient for tourists to visit. The NOC of this society was approved by CDA.

  1. Motorway City

The Qazi Group of Companies initiated the Motorway City project that focused on people who like to live in a serene and natural environment. Due to all the features and services provided by this society, it is classified as one of the international projects of Islamabad. Having the NOC approved from Tehsil Municipal Authority, Fateh Jung every transaction has confirm guarantee of being legal.

It has the prime location of being 10 kilometers away from New Islamabad International Airport and 35 kilometers away from Zero Point Islamabad.

  1. Mumtaz City

Mumtaz City is located near Pind Nasrala and the Islamabad-Rawalpindi Motorway exchange. This is still a developing society and will have its NOC approved from Rawalpindi Development Authority.

  • PAF Tarnol

PAF Tarnol is 3 kilometers from the New Islamabad International Airport and is located near the Fateh Jang Interchange on the Islamabad-Peshawar Motorway M-1. It has two entry points, one connects with M1 and other connects with Fateh Jung Road, with further increment, there is a possibility of adding another entrance which may be linked with CPEC highway. There are a total of eight blocks (A – H) of this society which cover a total area of 70,000 kanals.
PAF Tarnol has the privilege of not just being connected to New International Islamabad Airport, but also has other nearby projects like the Rawalpindi bypass and Margalla Avenue are expected to boost the property value of this society.

Once Rawat will be connected to M-1 near the airport through the Rawalpindi bypass,

It will open routes through Adiala Road and Chakri Road. Residents of this society will be relieved of all traffic annoyances once these improvements are done.

  • PIA Enclave

PIA Enclave is a key attraction for aviation personnel, local people, and foreign Pakistanis since it is close to New Islamabad International Airport. Residents of PIA Enclave may enjoy a convenient, luxurious, and tranquil lifestyle that is enhanced by first-class amenities. It is specifically planned by concentrating on recent market trends. It would be one of the most inexpensive residential options in Rawalpindi’s Ariel center because to efficient planning, good location, and reasonable pricing.

New Islamabad International Airport is 4.5-5 kilometres away from PIA Enclave. The PIA Enclave is near to the well-known “Katti Pahadi.” The entry is also accessible from the Thallian Interchange, which is near to the defence road.

  • Qartaba Housing Society

The developers of Qurtaba City built their vision on brotherhood, unity, and Islamic societal ideals. It is a city based on cultural and religious values, with an Islamic and educational atmosphere for its residents. It is known for promoting Islamic principles and culture while also providing contemporary amenities and a tranquil setting.

Qurtaba City has an ideal location of being near the Khairi Moorat hills, on the Motorway Chakri Interchange in the Potohar valley, between the rivers Sill and Sawan and almost 25-minute drive from the Islamabad International Airport.

  • Rawalpindi Housing Society

Rawalpindi Housing Society lies under the C-18 sector. The C-18 sector is an expansion of Islamabad’s Zone-II. If we talk about the New Islamabad International Airport, then it has a distance of 28 kilometers from this very housing society. It has known its fame from its linked neighborhoods with Motorway Sangjani Interchange and Wapda Cooperative Housing Society. There are various sized plots available for residents to purchase in this society.

  • Shalimar Town

Located next to M1 Motorway, Shalimar Town has still to approve its NOC from Rawalpindi Development Authority. In comparison to any housing society in Islamabad, this residential project provides a variety of luxury residential and commercial plots at the most inexpensive prices.

This society is dedicated to providing high quality infrastructure to its residents and best amenities to its residents. Shalimar Town is approximately 8 minutes’ drive away from the New Islamabad International Airport.

  • Top City

Top City is dedicated to providing its residents with an innovative and modern lifestyle. Having perfect location, this society is easily accessible from all directions. The venture provides a modern infrastructure that reflects a modern lifestyle for individuals who wish to keep current with technology and live more efficiently.

Being adjacent to some of the noticeable society such as, Capital Smart City, Pakistan’s first smart city, Top city has earned the fame of being a high-profile society.

  • University Town

Owning to perfect surroundings, University Town has a magnificent natural scenery and an amazing view of Islamabad. Apart from the luxurious location, the society’s investment prospects are limitless, thanks to a wide range of business and residential options and low rates. It’s a great spot for those who wish to live and raise a family in a nice, clean environment with all of the amenities.

This society’s remarkable position is not only appealing, but also convenient to Islamabad City; it is only a 10-minute drive from zero points, Islamabad. Having some of the best societies such as Eighteen, Blue World City, Lahore Smart City and Qurtaba City in the surrounding just adds a little bonus to the repute of University Town.

  • Wapda Town

Being right next to Rawalpindi Housing Society, Wapda Town also lies inside the C-18 and C-19 sectors of Islamabad. Having an entrance that links this society with the Grand Truck Road, it increases the ease of accessibility for many people coming from different locations. Wapda Town is linked with the new Islamabad International Airport with a distance of 30 kilometers.

This society not only focuses on providing various sized plots, but also is dedicatedly focused on making cost economic for anyone to purchase. Along with a great infrastructure, notable features of this society also include, community center, swimming pool, sports complex, and parks.

  • The Life Residencia

The recent addition to the housing societies includes The Life Residencia. Being connected to M1, M2 motorways and CPEC, this society is accessible to people from different cities. As the society is currently new therefore, the prices of plots at Life Residencia are expected to grow in the future, making it a solid real estate investment opportunity.

It is important to mention here that as Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) has legally approved the development of this society so there is a complete certainty of legal, safe, and profitable investment option.

  • Nova City

The Nova City bring one of the best investment options, being connected to CPEC Rawalpindi Ring Road            this society is linked with Mumtaz City and Capital Smart City. According to conjecture, Nova City is expected to have a strong return on investment potential, as plots may be acquired at lower prices and can be resold for a high profit.

The Nova City housing society is in the last stages of development and is scheduled to open in the near future. The scheme’s creators promise that Nova City will receive NOC really soon. Nova City pledges to give all of the amenities to its residents on its various-sized plots. The developers want to build international-standard infrastructure, family picnic spaces, high-end retail complexes, theatres, zoos, food streets, golf courses, and play areas for children.


If we get into the question of why building a house in any of the above-mentioned society is beneficial, then the answer to this is very simple, having an airport or aviation activity near any area tends to boost the property value of adjacent housing societies and projects.

The building and expansion of the airport will provide simpler mobility and improved infrastructure to the neighboring residential communities. Residents can get to and from the airport through well-developed flyovers and roads. Apart from mobility, there is a higher chance of high turnover business activity. This will encourage not only will inhabitants of these housing societies near Islamabad airport have better access to commercial complexes, but they will also have more work options.

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