September 7, 2021

Top Best Real Estate Marketing Agencies in Pakistan

Gaining rights on properties such as, land or building, is considered in real estate. Now if we consider the term, “Real Estate Marketing” it can be defined as the process of advertising real estate for sales purposes. Real estate has a huge impact on the economy of a nation as it helps in boosting economic development. Real estate marketing defines association among consumers, products and organization that sell or lease the property.

With the ongoing development in Pakistan, real estate has emerged as a rising yet major sector of economy. According to a rough estimate, approximately $5.2 billion have been spent on development, indicating significant growth in the country’s real estate market. Despite the progress, many people in Pakistan still lack basic living necessities, such as housing. As a result, it is apparent that the real estate market needs significant expansion in order for all sources of income to be able to meet their basic needs.

Till now we have shed enough light on the real estate, it is important for consumers to know their market. How do the customers know where to reach out in case of queries or purchasing purposes? The answer to this question lies in this very post. If we were to point out some of the top real estate marketing agencies in Pakistan, they would be as follows,

  • 7 Oceans Marketing
  • Agency21
  • STAR Marketing
  • Elaan Marketing

7 Oceans Marketing

When it comes to mixing digital marketing with real estate while minimizing risks and boosting sales and purchasing, 7 Oceans Marketing should be your top choice. Being in the market for 25 years, it has become one of the top choices for trusted source of marketing. 7 Oceans Marketing extends from the UK to Pakistan, keeping their customers as top priority and fulling every minor detail of their requirement.

7 Oceans Marketing believes in providing a transparent and flexible system to their customer when it comes to real estate marketing. It not only helps the customers in becoming familiar with local market but also arranges proper mediums to attract audience towards your property. The organization purely functions on digitizing property while maximizing profit returns and eliminating risk factors. 7 Oceans Marketing is responsible for introducing revolutionized digital trend the field of real estate marketing. is an emerged platform that helps retailers with basic information that helps them settle their property for a highest expected rate. Founded in 2006, has transformed the sector of real estate by building bridge between retailers and consumers. offers real estate professionals the greatest and most complete advertising and marketing options in the country, with unrivalled visibility across numerous platforms. Here are some of our most popular advertising alternatives.

For millions of real estate brokers, developers, and legitimate buyers and sellers, is the most reputable web-portal. In light of dynamic and diverse readership, registering with is a simple procedure. As a member of the family, consumers have access to a number of benefits, including the ability to communicate directly with buyers from across the world.

From the vision in 2015 till launch in 2018, has paved ways for innovation in the field of real estate marketing. is an online platform that helps in purchasing, renting, and selling of houses, flats, shops, or plots with sole purpose of bringing improvement in the real estate sector of Pakistan. It follows the motive of quality beats quality. has created an extremely accessible and transparent platform that helps in sale and purchase of property. It has proven extremely helpful in marketing properties by establishing new benchmarks for the future of real estate in Pakistan. is a property search website in Pakistan that allows selling and buying real estate that saves time and money. Apart from website, has launched its mobile app that includes an area listing, an area description, a visual depiction of the land or property, and filters to determine your needs and range. The app serves both purposes of sale and renting of properties. uses means of marketing tools such as, HD property videos, 2D floor plans, 360-degree virtual tours, and social media marketing to boost marketing of properties.


Agency 21 was founded to meet the ever-increasing demands of the real estate industry, and it is poised to make property transactions simple and transparent. Agency21 has given much importance to customers and offers them promising services by focusing on comparative market analysis which help in making estimates about property values. A complete interaction with the consumer is maintained throughout the process of sale. In case of purchasing, the customer is provided thoroughly with all necessary information required. Another worthy facility offered by Agency21 is Broker’s Price Opinion that helps customer to get an estimated value on their property or a potential price of selling.

STAR Marketing

STAR Marketing encourages real-estate developments that have the potential to contribute to the transformation of Pakistan’s cities into contemporary metropolises that satisfy quality requirements. From Islamabad to Karachi, STAR marketing has extended its services and earned the title of The Billion Rupee projects. Now considered as one of the leading agencies, STAR marketing has a sound reputation and unbreakable record of success.

Elaan Marketing

Elaan Marketing is a high-end real estate marketing firm that prides itself on keeping on the cutting edge of technology and staying ahead of the curve in an ever-changing industry. Being firmly devoted to adherence and competence, Elaan marketing offers the unbreakable benchmarks. The main objective of Elaan is to provide risk-free investment opportunities to its customers while securing guaranteed returns.

Importance of Real Estate Marketing and Why to Choose a Real Estate Marketing Agency

Real estate is a profitable investment opportunity not only for seasonal investors but also for people who purchase for the first time. It is also the most popular investment vehicle since it allows you to produce consistent income and a variety of additional benefits, as well as financial stability, over time. Most real estate investors are concerned with the return on investment, monthly cash flow, and passive income, but a significant advantage of real estate investment is its influence on the community. You are really enhancing available housing, providing houses for renters, boosting tax income, and benefiting the town itself by investing in high-quality investment properties.

When it comes to choosing your real estate marketing agency, it is important to keep in view the current trend, after trend comes to which agency best fits for your marketing purposes. An early survey helps in securing possibility of high returns.

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