January 13, 2022

Wapda Town Societies in Pakistan Why They Are Successful

Wapda is an Islamabad-based cooperative society founded in 1983 to help provide accommodation for water and power development authorities, who rigorously work to facilitate hydropower and water requirements for the people of Pakistan. Previously set up by legislation through Parliament, Wapda is controlled by the Government but has certain autonomous powers over its affairs.

  • Wapda Town Islamabad:

What’s better than a housing scheme, right? There are many incredible things about being around like-minded people. If you’re looking to move into a new house but don’t know how – we suggest the Wapda Town Housing Scheme in Islamabad. Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) town Islamabad is a housing society established with the Government’s cooperation through parliament. It was established in 1968, and it specializes in providing water and electricity to its customers. Wapda Town Islamabad is a cooperative society whose address is: Plot No. 885 (Arabian Sea View), Street No. 1, Phase V, G-11/1, Islamabad. It was registered with Circle Registrar Co-operative on August 5th, 1983, by the PakwWAPDA Employees Cooperative Housing Society Act of 1958 and has been under the direction of the Government since its inception in 1958. The company was formed to solve the issue of providing water and hydropower for commercial use and intends to continue delivering its goods to those in need.

It is easily accessible because it is directly connected with Islamabad’s most well-known motorway, the M1, via connector road and interchange. The housing society is near the zero point of Islamabad and very close to the new international airport, which makes traveling an absolute breeze! Another awesome thing about this amazing place is that it lies conveniently near CPEC, which means meeting with business representatives from China will never be easier again!

People started purchasing land for a new housing scheme located 35 kilometers away from Islamabad’s Zero Point. It is now a 100% completely developed society. The homeowners live an hour away from the new international airport and 10 kilometers away from the CPEC Interchange.

WAPDA Town Islamabad is a society that consists of beautiful and sophisticated commercial plazas and commercial plots to create something truly unique. The commercial plots here take on two forms: small commercial plots or larger commercial plazas, which can be leased out to businesses and investors. In total, there are four commercial plazas already constructed in WAPDA Town Islamabad, with current development work on three more said to soon commence shortly after the completion of such work on the first three areas.

A Grand Mosque is situated at the center of WAPDA Town, which will help make fulfilling religious obligations a lot easier for the people who live there. You can easily go to WAPDA Grand Mosque Islamabad to pray if you live in this area. Latest hospitals are nearby and can be used in emergency cases or routine situations. In addition, shops are located close by where residents can access them and feel free to interact with those places. Parks are built throughout WAPDA Town Islamabad to give children a new space to play and have fun.

As large infrastructure projects are built in a city, the residents of the surrounding areas benefit greatly, largely because they can do more and experience more. In addition to the carpeted roads that connect people, other amenities make life easier for everyone who lives in the area, including sewage systems, water lines, telephone lines, and electricity to power lights and electronics, among other necessities. Additionally, there is also proper security for individuals and families as law enforcement officers stand guard at entrances around all times of the day. Cameras are also installed throughout different major locations in Wapda town Islamabad so that everything you need can be monitored from one location. Now you can enjoy activities without worrying about whether or not your luck will run out before the day is over!

Within each of the five housing blocks, there is a state-of-the-art food court where all sorts of food places have been built, from local delicacies like chapli kebabs, nihari, and many other Middle Eastern favorites to international cuisines as Chinese, Italian, and fast-food restaurants. When you’re finished enjoying your delicious meal, there are various shopping malls ready to entertain you, filled with all sorts! From the wide variety of shops surrounding you and your family on every side to the movie theaters and spas set up nearby, it will be easy for people in Wapda Town Islamabad to manage their lives inside a town designed especially for them. Government Girls High School is located in Block A of WAPDA Town Islamabad, providing quality education to its students.

  • Wapda Town Lahore:

WAPDA has played a major role in the development of Pakistan’s economy. The society contains sanctuaries located in blocks A∕E to support comfortable living for several families. Artists can take pleasure by visiting gardens and gyms developed for males and females in separate blocks. Depending on their budgets, investors can buy housing plots at very low prices because Wapda Town allows residents to build their dream homes for enjoyment and security for generations to come.

Wapda Town Lahore, developed by Wapda Employees Cooperative Housing Scheme, is an example of excellent architecture. The designers and builders used the latest technologies and resources to ensure that everyone can afford a great standard of living inside this fantastic residential area in all aspects on every front as an indicator, at affordable rates. Many people believe it is one of the best places to live in Lahore due to its central location and huge amounts of natural light combined with huge sewer stations. Wapda Town Lahore is developed by world-class managers of Lahore with years of experience in property development. WAPDA Employees Cooperative Housing Scheme supervises and overlooks all such projects in various cities of Pakistan to assist the Wapda employees with residential issues at affordable rates.

The Wapda Town Lahore offers all the modern facilities and amenities at reasonable rates. There is an area reserved for green areas such as parks. Wapda Town Lahore is the most luxurious society with all the modern-day comforts. Located in Lahore, the Wapda Town is a residential housing complex developed recently by a private developer that plans to accommodate people looking for luxurious living with modern-day amenities. In this complex, while there are ample green spaces and leisurely parks reserved around it, the most highlighted attraction is its central theme park since it allows both children and adults to unwind without any worries or stress in their minds, which makes not only for safety but a healthy place as well. Wapda Town is a haven of luxury living in the middle of a busy town. The builders have dedicated a large portion of land to develop parks, perfect for families looking to relax and kids who want to enjoy some time away from their studies. Wapda Town offers apartment options for all kinds of families – so please get in touch today!

Wapda Town Lahore is a property developing company, which offers a world-class living experience for its residents. It aims at allowing living in comfortable surroundings and being satisfied with their dwellings. We specialize in affordable housing and aim to deliver high-quality houses that people can be proud of sharing with their family, friends, and fellow citizens. We welcome investors from all walks of life, so if this interests you or someone you know, we guarantee your money will be safe and sound in our hands after getting a quote. Wapda Town Lahore is an LDA-approved housing scheme that offers magnificent luxurious facilities to the residents. It’s located in a high-end location where people can enjoy the privacy and comfort of society. These days, flats are expensive, and luxury apartments like this offer people an affluent lifestyle because they are spacious, appreciating assets with profits.

  • Wapda Town Quetta:

Wapda colony is powerfully located in Quetta, Balochistan. It has all facilities available, including a full boundary wall with gate and watchmen. The Phase offers the modern lifestyle that caters to the surrounding area’s needs, being easily accessible from any part of the city yet far enough at the same time, so it feels like quite a retreat. It has all facilities and is protected with a surrounding wall to keep strangers out and a security gate to only let residents in. The charming Wapda locality serves as a tranquil home for families looking for a convenient place to live, with easy access from all parts of the city.

The Phase maintains a comprehensive lifestyle in the same location and vicinity, making it appealing as one can reach all the parts of the city of Quetta within minutes from Nawa Killi bypass. Religion is an essential part of people’s lives, so the developers build a beautiful mosque in the city center. This state-of-the-art mosque will have all the modern features you’re used to, like air conditioning and a prayer room on every floor. Wapda pride itself on providing our residents with clean drinking water – that’s why we’ve included reservoirs with filter plants into the overall design plan to provide safe, filtered drinking water all year long.


Wapda Town is a location that holds many convenience stores and food courts for its residents to enjoy. There are various shopping malls located everywhere where people can come and shop! It’s also considered that some residents may be going to school at nearby government schools, so shopping centers have been built within proximity.

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