January 13, 2022

All Water parks in Pakistan

Water is the world’s most widely consumed beverage, available in many forms. No matter what kind you prefer, it plays an important role in meals, so they often feature some drinks as standard. Some restaurants and chains serve water only, while others may offer water with a choice of flavorings or minerals added to it. All these types are popular beverages worldwide because they taste best enjoyed cool. By maintaining your health, adding more variety to your diet, and staying away from extreme temperatures such as hot teas or sodas that may contain caffeine and alcohol, which tend to dehydrate you! – You’ll be able to keep yourself hydrated at all times. However, talking about all water parks in Pakistan, let’s have an insight:

  • The Great Fiesta Family Water Park:

The Water Park Karachi welcomes you to the Great Fiesta Water Park. Located 35 kilometers south of Sohrab Goth, The Great Fiesta Water Park is a safe and fun place for the whole family that has something for everyone. There are 14 obstacles and slides for adults, including two lazy rivers, and 17 for children. The water park also has a large wave pool with waves that can be controlled by the person floating in them. Enveloped in a captivating environment with enjoyable settings and surroundings, the park has no less than 14 exciting slides for adults and grownups. Seventeen more are on offer for kids, including their exclusivity and plethora of superb water sports and games. There’s also a Lazy River for free-flowing enjoyment! 

Located at just 35 km from Sohrab Goth, The Great Fiesta Water Park is sprawled over a wide area with a captivating environment and enjoyable settings. The Great Fiesta Water Park is a terrific place to have fun with friends, relax or even get some exercise. The water park is designed for the whole family to enjoy, complete with a pool and inner-tubing courses and gardens and gushing fountains for people of all ages. It features tons of activities, so you can spend the day doing things like taking pictures of family members on one of their various spinning rides or checking out spectacular spillways pouring down from high levels in the atmosphere. The Great Fiesta Water Park is perfect for all ages. 

They offer a wading pool, play structures, water slides, cascading waterfalls, and more! The park also has themed rides and a restaurant to provide you with lunch or some snacks to boost your energy if you get tired halfway through your day of fun! Book a vacation at Great Fiesta Water Park, where you and your loved ones will enjoy a fantastic time together. Kids and grownups alike will be engaged in multiple games, including the three waterslides, pool, picnic areas, and lots more! Having a great vacation with your parents creates wonderful memories that you’ll never forget.

  • Sozo Water park:

Sozo Water Park is a water park that happens to be located just outside the streets of Lahore in Punjab, Pakistan. This place is also home to other attractions like wave pools; Sozo is popular for its wave pool. The wave pool consists of 1 big wave, three medium waves, and four small waves. There are many attractions for both women and kids.

Sozo Water Park is the only one of its kind in Lahore. Here you will find a variety of diverse rides and slides that you can enjoy by yourself or in groups. Sozo has an array of different slides to choose from, with some designated for children, family rides, as well as extra-long thrill-seekers.

  • Sunway Lagoon:

Sunway Lagoon is one of Pakistan’s premier waterparks. It’s located just 5 minutes from Gharo Town and 50 Minutes from Karachi International Airport (traffic permitting) on 42 beautifully landscaped acres, with huge lush green coconut trees, a garden, a comfortable food court area with sitting arrangements, and covered seating. And we also have more than 25 various types of water slides available! The water in our park is the cleanest you will find anywhere as we continuously treat it, ensuring all the guests enjoy themselves free from harmful chemicals or germs.

Sunway Lagoon is an amusement park that has everything: rides, slides, pools, and a food court. Sunway Lagoon also has clean water filtered through the most advanced filtration systems, which give it sparkle even on hot days. Do you want to go swimming in the ocean? You can go to the beach just outside of here!

  • Paradise Island Water Park:

When it comes to water parks in the Pakistan, Paradise is one of the biggest names. It features water sports, plummeting slides, a wave pool, and an aqua disc that isn’t available anywhere else in Pakistan. The waterpark offers everyone enough attractions for adults and families with young kids. The park houses 22 thrilling water slides and eight special water attractions for children. While there are many water parks in Karachi, Paradise Island Water Park is filled with water sports, rides, and activities. It features water sports, plummeting slides, a relaxing wave pool, and the first-ever aqua disc that you can ride if you’re ready for some serious fun! Paradise Island Water Park offers something for everyone.

Paradise Island aqua disc is one of the most exciting attractions in Karachi! Standing 6 meters tall and 9 meters wide, this unique water-filled disc is located in the water park center. It’s equipped with a dance floor underneath its transparent surface, offering enough space for up to 250 people to groove to their favorite tunes enjoying a musical event for any special occasion! Kids and adults can have a lot of fun on this active attraction which is easy to use, guaranteed to cool you down even during hot summer days, and is perfect for anyone who loves dancing in good company!

Paradise Island Water Park is proud to be considered one of Karachi’s most extravagant entertainment centers. Those looking to organize an event with something a little out of the ordinary may wish to make use of their water disc, which serves as an eye-catching centerpiece for any party. It features disco lights surrounding the entire perimeter to keep guests excited about the evening’s events. It comes equipped with a central stage for live acts during special occasions and private parties. Paradise Island Water Park has proven itself time and again as one of Karachi’s premier entertainment destinations, having hosted some of the city’s most distinguished weddings and parties.

  • Wild Venture Water Park & Resort:

Wild Venture Water Park, Karachi, offers the perfect outdoor respite for everyone in the family. Located right on the outskirts of Karachi City, this attraction has been rated by many as the most popular holiday spots in town. Visitors flock to wild venture park in Karachi enjoy a picturesque landscape amidst swaying trees, luxe amenities, and crystal clear swimming pools. There’s plenty to explore at Wild Venture Water Park – from its classic pavilions and towering structures to delicious dining options and easy-access parking lots.

As its name suggests, Wild Venture Water Park is a scenic getaway in the City of Lights. It’s also a popular tourist attraction in the city. This picturesque Paradise with luscious green gardens and sparkling waterfalls is home to a gorgeous swimming pool surrounded by gazebos. It’s often highlighted among other parks and resorts because of its architectural beauty that features classic buildings and restaurants. Visitors are known to flock here to enjoy awe-inspiring panoramas, beautiful flora, swaying trees, and top-notch amenities.

For years now, the people of Karachi have enjoyed many different water parks. They have kept track of their experiences at various parks and shared them with others through reviews and personal recommendations. Wild Venture is one such water park in Karachi that has stood out from the rest. People know more about it, and lots have come to visit. A trip to Wild Venture has been on many people’s bucket lists for some time now, but where is this exciting waterpark located? Is it the perfect choice for your family or friends? We’ll help you figure that out by giving you all the information you need here in our Wildventure guide!

  • Dreamworld Resort:

Dreamworld Resort is a one-of-a-kind escape for those in Karachi, Pakistan. It has an exceptional water park with swimming pools and other maritime facilities. The amusement park also houses many exciting rides, slide attractions, and sports-related options like stadiums and golf courses. Plus, the resort is home to both motorized and alternative transportation thanks to its different parking lots! All of this is in addition to several upscale dining options.

  • Burhani Recreational Park:

Burhani Recreational Park is conveniently located near Korangi. Unlike other water parks in Karachi, this one is easily accessible through Hub Chowki Road. In addition to its offering of four different types of slides – free fall, surf racer, big splasher, and twister; three children’s pools and a separate kiddie pool for kids; snack bars and a full-service restaurant — Burhani Recreational Park also boasts an outdoor gym area where you can work out while enjoying this beautiful recreational park in Karachi. Burhani Recreational Park is a fantastic destination for your hot summers. It’s located on Hub Chowki Road, near Korangi. One of our favorite features at Burhani Recreational park includes the surf racer and big splasher water slides! The hub chowki road is also one of the best roads to go for a picnic, especially with your family, for it has a huge park where you can play any game you want and enjoy yourself throughout the trip. This mini water park has also made it into the list of best waterparks in Karachi.

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